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Default Clothing????

Hello again,

I hope all my newbie questions don't seem stupid, but this is one I'm really confused on.

In hunters ed they told us deer can't see color so where a bright orange vest and hat. That makes sense to me. But then I've been reading in some books where to guys wear full camo and put camo paint on the hands and faces.

What is the best option. It is not a law where I live (Idaho) that you have to wear orange.


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Default RE: Clothing????

Blaze orange looks white in a black-and-white photo. Deer may not see color, but I'm sure the deer sees it similarly. It's not necessary to get close to a deer when hunting with a rifle, so blaze orange would be a good safety strategy so some excited hunter doesn't mistake a movement or shape for a deer. Usually rifle season has a lot of people with guns in the woods. When bowhunting, however, you're hiding in their living room, hoping they don't see you as you draw a bow 15 yd.s away. It's good to be camo'ed. There aren't people out during bow season who have the capability to take a shot at you long range.
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Default RE: Clothing????

I wear camo blaze orange as it tends to break up the big white spot that deer see.
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Default RE: Clothing????

Where I hunt orange is required. While I don't like looking like a pumpkin, I don't feel it hurts my hunting in any way. I have had too many deer close to me not see me to believe that I need camo for concealment. Breaking up your outline can help, but the key is to not make any movement. If you feel it would be safer to wear orange, then wear it. If you do everything else right, wearing orange won't hurt your odds any.
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Default RE: Clothing????

Matt, the human eye has red, green and blue cones in it. In a deer the red cone is absent, so they see colors suchs as red, orange, brown,etc as a yellow shade. Deer do not filter Blue/UV light like a human, thus why many books, mags or hunters say make sure to wash hunting clothes in UV Killer or detergent that doesn't use UV Brighters in it. All most all commericial laundry detergent (Tide, etc) has brighteners added to make your clothes look clean and shiny after washing. In daylight they see some colour but in low light/night they see black and white...paying particular attention to blue light or UV light as they appear glowing to their eyes. Ever go into a bar or dance where it is dark and UV light is used, only to look at a black or dark blue shirt with little white specs glowing off it...most likely lint from the dryer. How about the stark white shirt that seems to glow bright blue...imagine that without the light and you now know how deer see UV! Deer have incredible depth perception, being they see many colours in shades vs actual colour they can distinguish objects that appear out of the ordinary. Thus the importance is to break up the outline or remove the "blob" effect. Camo alone will not do this. Being rifle season here we must wear solid colours, while Ml and bow season we can dawn camo clothing. I can honestly say it ain't the thing you have on but how you use the landscape and your movements. Many hunters pick high vantage points to watch large areas or spot n' stalk animals, however if you stand or sit where your outline is contrasted against the skyline game will be able to detect something just ain't right and be alerted to your every move. Once a deer is focused on your position and knows something is their you are in tough! So pick spots that conceal your outline - get into the hill, sit against a large base tree or use brush as backing, just try to become part of the landscape instead of sticking out. Minimize your movements, pan with your eyes and if faced with a deer I never try to give them my whole face or direct eye contact, they will win that battle most everytime.

Have fun and good luck!
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Default RE: Clothing????

Although deer can't see actual colors,they do see different shades.Blaze orange against a dark background is very noticeable even in black and white.
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Default RE: Clothing????

I agree with 1dahunter.. whering camo blaze orange mix is a good idea.. a big white spot in the middle of the woods is very noticable
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