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no harness

Old 10-13-2004, 10:54 AM
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Default no harness

Anybody not use a harness or safety belt in a climber?
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Default RE: no harness

i dont use a safety harness. i dont use climbers either. I figure, If i ever fall, its my fault. Im not worried about it since my stand is only 8-10 feet tall, no worries. i dont trust them climbers. dont know why, i just dont.
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Old 10-13-2004, 11:04 AM
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Default RE: no harness

I don't. Not yet anyway. The harness that come with the stand is too short and the leg straps won't fit. It is a pain when climbing and fumbling with the part wrapped around the tree. The tree I'm in now I can't climb far up with out blocking my view (I haven't had time to clear cut, just found the tree the other day). I know I'm taking a big chance, but I'm going to buy one of those vest harnesses when I can.
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Old 10-13-2004, 11:05 AM
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Default RE: no harness

I actually don't use a harness for my climber or my hangers. Hangers are usually set at minimum 15ft and climbers 20-30. I am not that shy of the height but i guess a guy should really have something. Maybe it will take a fall from up there to convince me i need one.
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Default RE: no harness

Just wondering about the age of the guys who don't use a harness. I was pretty, er, what's the politically correct term, knowledge and intelligence challenged? Anyway, I was pretty $tupid until I hit about 40, then all of a sudden I started thinking - "hey, I could fall out of this tree, and I don't want to hurt that bad (or be fed by a nurse's aid for the rest of my life)."

Asked in good humor, but still wondering...
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Default RE: no harness

Well Zekeskar, I'm about to be 27 yrs old. I've been married a couple of years and had a little boy this summer. I do have alot to live for and cherrish the time spent with family and in the woods. I do not choose to not wear the harness because of stupidity, I am fully aware of the possibilities of falling from a stand. That is why I am in the market for a harness that fits. I am too tall for the one that came with my stand. Right now I am just trying to use extreme caution when in the stand.

I never stand on the standing platform. There's no rail around it and I just don't feel comfortable standing without rails. Plus, I just don't understand how two little cables will be able to support a full grown adult. And when I say full grown I mean 300 lbs. So, when I get one I will wear it. But until then I'll have to take my chances.

Sorry to be so long winded, but good question! I am 27.
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Default RE: no harness

good news is that those who refuse the safety harness have less to injur when they fall on thier head....
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Default RE: no harness

IMHO, There is really no excuse not to wear one. It takes minimal time to put one on and tie to the tree, and is really no imposition while in the stand. Plenty of folks I know don't wear them, and I can't figure out why. I've heard too many stories of hunts gone wrong, and you can be seriously injured from even 10 ft.

David - are there any chest only (as opposed to full body) harnesses that might work for you? Good luck in the search!

I'm 27.
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Default RE: no harness

[quote]Message<< Older Topic Newer Topic >>

Hey Guys,

I am 25 6'6" and weigh 300 lbs. You have to be crazier then hell not to wear a harness up in a tree. Falling 200 lbs falling even 10 feet is enough to kill you, or sit in a whellchair for the rest of your life. I have an API and Summitt stand that are both rated to 350. The full body harness that comes with both is also rated to 350, and the Summitt is tested to 1,000. Like David, I am married witha young child and I owe it to my family to take extra precautions when I am in a tree. Just ask a guy I know in the next town over who had to crawl out 3/4 mile to the road on his elbows when he fell out of his tree. He is alive, but in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.
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Default RE: no harness

Do NOTuse a belt. Use a harness. And by all means use a harness everytime you climb. Mr Gravity is just waiting for those that don't.
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Quick Reply: no harness

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