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Default RE: How do I get started in photography

Nice pic....buy a camera, join a camera club, take a photography course at school...........Brampton Mike [8D]
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Default RE: How do I get started in photography

Typically, you would have to know a good deal about photography to do it for a living just the same as any other profession. It is important to knowtechnical aspects of photo especially lighting concepts and how to compose and image and "tricks of the trade" wouldn't hurt either to learn. As previously mentioned taking some classes in basic through advanced photography can and will bring you a long way technically. From there it's all about meeting peopel and getting your foot in the door. The hunting industry is no different that any other... just a lot smaller and close knit than most. Good Luck TGK

PS- Generally, magazines and companies would like images that are a little closer and more focused on the animals eyes and prodominant features (ie racks). Good shot for a runner though!
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Default RE: How do I get started in photography

As Mike and O said, take some classes. Buy yourself a good beginner camera,
not something very expensive.

IMO. No, the photo you took is not very good. The subjects are not centered
in the frame. You have something blocking the subjects face in the middle
like a fence post or something. The subjects are too far away. Your
background is very dark, like a dark line running through it. JMO.
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Default RE: How do I get started in photography

I would suggest getting a digital. There are some very good ones out there and you can take a slug of pictures and "develop" them yourself. Using programs on your computer you can crop, brighten, darken, enlarge, etc. just about anything you want to do and not have the time and money invested in developing and buying film. Digital is the way of the future. You can get a really good digital camera for 400 or 500 dollars.
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Default RE: How do I get started in photography

I agree go with digital, much easier to clean the picture up with. Get yourself some good software like paintshoppro or photoshop, you can do anything with one of those programs.

Good Luck
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Default RE: How do I get started in photography

ive been into photography along time i really taught my self now i wanna get a good dogital camera
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Default RE: How do I get started in photography

The great thing about digital is you can see your results almost immediately. Also you can take a lot more shots and just get rid of the ones you don't want to keep.
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Default RE: How do I get started in photography

I feel that the best digital on the market right now for really good pictures at a great price would have to be the Minolta Dimage z1. They took alot of the functions of their profesional cameras and put them in a camera that the general public could afford and enjoy (300 - 400 $). It has 40x digital zoom which is surprisingly clear, B&W, and numerous aother features such as a setting for taking pictures of objects mere inches away. I absolutely love it. Now, I am no professional photographer but my brother in law is and he too agrees that it is one of the best digitals for the price he has seen in a long time.
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Default RE: How do I get started in photography

HNI Visitor,

As suggested, taking classes on photography would be a great start. At this point in time, most magazines won't accept digital photos as the resolution isn't good enough from what I've heard. With advances in digital, some day soon that may change but if you want to submit photos to magazines, stick to 35MM. Learn as much as you can about taking good pictures and get out there and put the time in. A good blind would be a start as getting close to wildlife is tough without one. I've seen guys put the waders on and build a floating blind to get close to ducks/geese for water shots and that also works.
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