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what is the most important...

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Default what is the most important...

what is the most important skill in whitetail hunting (IYO)
i have not got the chance to hunt whitetail yet but if uncle sam doesnt kill me on taxes this year i may get the chance.
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Default RE: what is the most important...

I think the most important skill is probably knowledge. You have to have knowledge of the deer in the area, the terrain, the best method of hunting, how to be quiet and stay quiet and undected (scent and sight), know when to move when to stay put, and most of all COMMON SENSE. Don't hunt where it looks good and you can see forever. Have the self-discipline to get in the brush, sticks, thick stuff. The less you can see, the greater your chances are of seeing something.

My Dad always tells me persistence, patience, and confidence. Those are good things, too.
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Default RE: what is the most important...

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Default RE: what is the most important...

What Bobd said is important,also knowledge of the
game your hunting and scouting is very important!
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Default RE: what is the most important...

Very good points brought up here! Knowledge of the game you are hunting is very important! The more you know about the habits of the whitetail, the better you will become as a hunter.
Learning to scout and read terrain and deer signs are also crucial!
I've seen it time after time, where hunters get off of leases that I am just getting on, saying that there are not many deer on the property. Then when I hunt the same areas that they gave up, I see deer!
So, again I'll stress that the knowledge of your game and ability to read the signs are the most important things!
Remember, the best shooter in the world can't kill 'em, if he can't find 'em!
And as Bob said, "patience!" That helps a lots too!
Good luck!
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Default RE: what is the most important...

For me stand placement and scent control are my biggest problems. I will hunt for a week with out seeing deer, and then get busted by the first one I see.
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Default RE: what is the most important...

Know your game and the hunting area well.It also helps a lot to be a good shot.
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Default RE: what is the most important...

knowledge only because it is broad enough to encompass many skills under one heading.

Much like any other game you may hunt try and pick one thing that has made you successful...I mean truly just one skill? I'd say knowledge/experience would be the first thing most would say but deep down we know it is a combination of many skills that have equalled paydirt.

The 3 P's are very important as well:
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Default RE: what is the most important...

If I had to pick one certain skill that has helped my success the most, I would say it has to be tracking. I don't mean following a blood trail, I mean deciphering and following tracks left by deer. This is an important skill, especially in areas where the deer population is low, such as where I hunt. Being able to tell freshness of a track, sex and size of the animal, identifying the tracks of individual deer, etc. are all key aspects of tracking that give the hunter an advantage. Whether I want to track down the deer or set up in a good ambush spot, reading tracks (as well as other sign) is a valuable tool.
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