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Deer camp pranks

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Default RE: Deer camp pranks

We don't play pranks, However every year my brother makes a head of the most hated person in the world for that year. This year it was Sadam and last year it was Osama bin Ladan. He makes them out of that espanding foam you buy at the hardware store. For added effects he will make them exsplode and ooze blood when hit in key spots. We all draw straws to see in what order we get to take an off hand shot with our rifles. We do this on the day before the opener and have a real hoot doin it
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Default RE: Deer camp pranks

A few of the guys around camp started pranking last year and it's been fun. The beauty of a good prank is in it's effect. I don't like ones that cause discomfort or pain, but I guess we'll digress to that stage soon enough. The best 3 I remember are :

Cody call;s Junior, who is our company's chief mechanic and is on his way to the lease to work on my uncle's Bronco before the season starts. Cody asks Junior to "feed my blind" Junior took him literally and instead of feeding around Cody's hunting area, he opened the door and filled the blind up to the windows with corn. . . .

Opening day this year, the night after halloween. Everyone brought their kids out and took them into town to trick or treat. My aunt bought and put up various decorations around the cook shack and fire pit. One was a little battery powered ghost that had a rudimentary motion sensor on it, so when you walked by, it went OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! real loud and lit up. Well, before the opening morning, it found it's way into Top supervisor's blind. Needless to say he was shocked to be greeted that morning by OOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!! as he climb up in his blind before daybreak.

Last year, Junior And Cody rigged up a strobe light (like on heavy construction equipment) on top of another guy's feeder, so when it went off to feed, so did the strobe light. He was not real happy when he came back into camp with a broken light(been shot) and a tangle of wires. He was really mad because it took him 3 shots to hit it.
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Default RE: Deer camp pranks

dip and bowhunt at the same time.
You to? I thought I was the only one!
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Default RE: Deer camp pranks

we have a pretty good one running this year, we have one member in our club who has always talked about big tracks so this year one ofthe guys that went to illinois killed ahuge bodied buck. We brought back a couple of lower legs and have gone to the area he likes to hunt made a few crossings on the fire breaks,it's kept him so fired up don't know if we are going to tell him the truth or not
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Default RE: Deer camp pranks

after the hunt,
beer, peanut butter, and under pants
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Default RE: Deer camp pranks

my buddy was sleeping in his tent ..i had a smoke grenade well i taped it to the pillow wright next to his head,i had real long fuse lit it he busted thru the tent and came after me and another buddy with his deer knife.good times.
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Default RE: Deer camp pranks

I've seen times when a few fake scrapes and rubs on big trees in a buddy's area make for good camp talk and no deer. They never catch on.
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Default RE: Deer camp pranks

your pranks about fake big deer tracks and fake rubs and scrapes will one day backfire......these guys get all pumped up and hunt longer and hunt harder and wait for the big one.....well one day they will be coming back to camp with a big buck......patience will pay off in hunting......i wish someone would do that to me to motivate me to hunt more........
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Default RE: Deer camp pranks

A few years back a nuisance black bear cub was knocking over the barbecue and causing a ruckus in the middle of the night outside of camp. A guy shot him while others slept. They put the bear in the ****house, well someone almost had a heart attack when they went for a crap that night.
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Default RE: Deer camp pranks

Yeah, I found out about e dipping. I thought I was being real smart when I emptied a half a bottle of scent killer and fresh earth on the floor of my stand.. . . until I went to spit and didn't get my mask out of the way and it ran down my chin onto my chest.. . . . nasty
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