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Finally got my '03 doe...

Old 12-10-2003, 03:17 PM
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Default Finally got my '03 doe...

After a slow morning I took a walk to warm up and to see if there were any fresh tracks on the property. I did see some moving in a few directions away from where I was. I decided to return to my initial spot and set up a little closer to the funnel area. I get back there and suddenly a bedded doe jumped up and ran. I set my hunting stool down and prepared to shoot if she gave me a shot. She stopped at about 40 yards and all I could see was her body. Her head was behind a tree. I put the sights on her and squeezed the trigger. She kicked and ran. I realized that I must have hit her far back for the way she mule-kicked.
I called my hubby to let him know I hit one and he said he would be up to help.
At the place where I hit her there was only a few grey-brown hairs. I followed the trail and about 50 yards I started to see blood in the snow. (Thank goodness for the snow). I followed the trail and spooked her up. She ran about 40 yards and crashed. Hubby came up and gave me the 357 to finish her off.
It was definitely a gut shot. [:'(] Straight thru the stomach. What a mess! I have definitely learned to make sure to shoot towards the front. I never want to clean up that kind of mess again. This is my 3rd deer so I am still learning the do's and don'ts. My first deer I hit in the heart and the 2nd (archery) I got thru the front of the neck in that major blood vessel.
So, to you newbie hunters out there - do everything you can to hit the deer in the heart or lungs. To field dress a gut shot deer is not pretty and it's definitely not pleasant to smell.[:'(]
In closing, the doe turned out to be a fairly decent size yearling. She was nice and plump, nearly full grown. I know we might lose a couple lbs. of meat due to the gut shot but she will be good eating otherwise.
Good luck to everyone.....
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Default RE: Finally got my '03 doe...

Congratulations and happy eating, look at the field dressing as an experince you'll never forget in your long hunting career it is all a memory now....
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Default RE: Finally got my '03 doe...

congrats and enjoy!!
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Default RE: Finally got my '03 doe...

Congrats on the harvest.
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Default RE: Finally got my '03 doe...

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Default RE: Finally got my '03 doe...

I finally filled my tag this after noon too.... It was a big ole doe.. about 75 yds with muzzle loader....
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Default RE: Finally got my '03 doe...

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Default RE: Finally got my '03 doe...

I had a gut shot before too. Actually went off the shoulder blade when the deer jumped. Not only did I have smell to contend with, but my arrow broke off and was inside her.
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Default RE: Finally got my '03 doe...

Congratulations on the doe! Sorry to hear about the gut shot. It happens, so practicing and keeping your sight steady on the vitals is all you can do next season. Good eating!
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Default RE: Finally got my '03 doe...

congratulations in your deer
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