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Ever shoot two deer together?

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Default Ever shoot two deer together?

I've had the situation where I've shot the doe and and another deer is close by and not moving because fo the confusion. I've never taken the second deer even though a second deer would be legal, but have any of you done so? Have you regretted the double work load,or the situation of being tagged out so early in the season? Would you do it again?
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Default RE: Ever shoot two deer together?

i have never shot 2 deer at once but my uncle has. And here in pa (dont know about other places) you must have one deer gutted & at the car in order to harvest another deer. NOW he shot both of his & a GW stopped us when we were gutting them. They told the head GW on duty & he came & told us it was illegal but only a small infraction that wasn't a big deal & he left. I was pushing when 3 does ran up to my uncle & stopped. He shot the big one & the 2 others ran & stopped. He shot another. He said he would do it again if he had the shot. He wouldnt push for another shot, but if it was there he would take it.

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Default RE: Ever shoot two deer together?

I have shot 2 back to back before. I was hunting over a corn field and there were about 15 deer out and I shot and dropped a nice 9 pointer. Only half of the deer ran away, and I needed more meat, so I took the biggest doe out of the group left. And I don't have to worry about being tagged out early because we can kill 2 bucks and 4 does.
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Default RE: Ever shoot two deer together?

Several times.
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Default RE: Ever shoot two deer together?

a couple years ago i shot a nice 8 and while we where standing replaying the events in our minds another buck ran up to us and my hunting buddy(my dad) pulled up and shot him.

the great thing is that every time i look at that picture in my office i see a nice buck that i shot but i see lots of great memories that me and dad have made together
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Default RE: Ever shoot two deer together?

A buddy of mine shot two with one shot. Both deer were feeding and their necks crossed like an X. He shot in the middle of the X and killed both of them. He always had outrageous luck!

I rather be lucky than good.
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Default RE: Ever shoot two deer together?

Only in my daydreams. Frequently.

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Default RE: Ever shoot two deer together?

A few years ago I had my buck tag and had also drawn an anterless tag. I came up on a 3x3 and a doe standing up on the side of a hill, facing each other. I figured I'd shoot the buck and get a doe later. I nailed the buck and he dropped right where he was, and the doe just stood there looking at him like, "What the heck are you doing?" So I shot her too. She turned and ran about 20 feet. That ended my season, but it was still really cool to bring them both home at the same time.
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Default RE: Ever shoot two deer together?

Several times. I also have killed two with one shot. Twice. The first time I shot a big doe in the head there was another doe on the hillside about ten yards above her. The bullet must have defected slightly as it passed through the first deer and hit the other in the chest. She took about ten steps and dropped. I had two antlerless tags so no big deal. The second time there were two does standing directly in line with each other I could see no sign of the second deer until I shot and down went two of them. I took the second one to the game warden and told him the story. He took the deer and had it processed and gave it to the old folks home in our town. I would hesitate to take back to back deer early in the season but towards the end if I have the tags, why not?
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Default RE: Ever shoot two deer together?

well that happend this year to me and a friend of mine. just walked out onto a sandbar and on the opposite one about 200 yrds away there were two does standing there. He shot one and the other just stood there so i shot her.It was a pain to drag them both out but it was worth it.
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