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Default RE: boots

I have the Wolverine King Caribu boots and they are GREAT. They are so light that you can walk all day........3.3 lbs for the pair I think. They have 800 grams Thinsulate and my feet have never been cold.

Great boot.
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Default RE: boots

I am lucky. My feet never get cold. I can go ice fishing all day with just tennis shoes on. I wear some moisture proof oots that I got at walmart. My problem is my hands. I can't keep them warm. I can go out with those jersey gloves when its 35 degrees and my hands will be foze in 20 minutes.
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Default RE: boots

Common sense would dictate that the more Thinsulate there is the warmer the boot should be. However, as someone mentioned above, that is not always the case. If the boot is advertised as waterproof even if it does not have Goretex then I would still buy them. I have at least two pairs of boots that were advertised in a like manner and I have never had a problem with my feet getting wet while using them. Ofcourse, you can also buy waterproofing spray at any hardware store for added insurance.

Make sure that there is plenty of room inside the boot even if you have two layers of socks on. Warm air gets trapped in that small "pocket" area between your foot, the boot and the outside layer of the boot. That is what keeps your feet warm. Ofcourse, make sure you have some good polypro liner socks in conjunction with regular wool socks and you will be fine.

Lastly, since everyone else felt the need to mention suggestions for further boots then let me suggest Arctic Shield Boot blankets. They fit over just about any boot and I guarantee you that your feet will never get cold.
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Default RE: boots

Yeah I have the Rocky 18" burly rubber boots, and they work great down to 35 degrees... I also have the Rocky Bear Tracker (I think) they have 1600 grams, and I have had alot of boots, but these boots are by far the BEST My feet have honestly yet to even get chilled... But I think another MAJOR key to that is the socks, someone mentioned the sock liner which basically just like a real thin dress sock I wear that with 1 pair of heavy wool socks and I am toasty. Like I said I was with most of you out there that your feet are just going to get cold period, but these boots and socks have changed my outlook on that. I am truely staying warm no matter how cold or how long... At least so far...
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Default RE: boots

Skeeter 7 mm,Hit my reply right on the head .I can't add anything to that.
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Default RE: boots

I just use a pair of Kamik rubber boots that have felt liners that work pretty good and footwarmers if needed. The boots only cost about $40.00 They also have those artic slip overs for stand hunting which cost about $50.00. Hope this helps!

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Default RE: boots

I love my Rocky MT. boots! they have 600 thinsulate and are gortex. I also wear gortex socks. Hunting in snow my feet not once have been cold.
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Default RE: boots

How do your feet react to the cold? If you are always cold, get something that will keep you dry. Dry feet=warm feet. How much walking do you do? The more you walk, the lighter the boot you want with less insulation and a good Gore tex liner to get rid of the moisture. Good socks also help in this department. Wear at least two pair of socks, one next to your foot (silk or poly) and another wool or a wool blend on the outside. Wool will keep you warm even when it is wet. I have spent a mint on boots over the years and have yet to find the "Perfect" boot, and when I do, it won't do you any good because it may not be the "Perfect boot" for you.
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Default RE: boots

Right now I am in the process of trying out some new boots. I just bought a pair of the Irish Setter 1600gr. boots for muzzleloading. With snow on the ground and highes around 20 I need good boots plus I have bad feet. I have heard the Rocky 1200gr boots are great but I figured I would try these and see what they do.
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Default RE: boots

Last season,I was chased out of the woods because my feet froze.
This year,I went back with a pair of Danner 800 grm thinsulite boots,and I did allright. I also had a pair of smartwool socks. That combination did the trick. The smart wool sox are not as bulky as my older socks,but are warmer.The extra 'wiggleroom'in the boots increase the blood circulation. I generally sit or stand in one spot for 2 or 3 hours in the morning.
I'm older then some,(71) and my feet tend to sweat,so I can't wear mickymouse or any kind of rubber boots.
I have never worn goretex boots,and never had a problem with my leather boots leaking.(over 20 years of Timberland Guide boots)
I hunt lower New York,and cold weather here is upper teens.
I hope that this helps a little.
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Quick Reply: boots

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