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Is Driving deer is really " hunting" ?

Old 11-28-2003, 06:26 PM
Boone & Crockett
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Default RE: Is Driving deer is really " hunting" ?

wtf are you talking about??
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Default RE: Is Driving deer is really " hunting" ?

You need me to draw ya a picture? Or do you prefer to dwell in your own little narrow world?
Seems like your a pretty opinionated fella, narrowminded but opinionated. You have yerself a good day, hope ya catch one tomorrow morning. Which reminds me regards to my post above, I have actually caught a deer in my younger days, ran him down and jumped on his back, put him in a submission hold just to prove to my partner that I could, then let him go. This was a wild, freeroaming deer. Of course my partner always interrupts at this point in the story and tells everyone it was a 50 lb yearling.
I' ve also wrestled a few gators, live caught some nice rattlesnakes and moccasins,possums, even chased a few rabbits. The whole time you gotcherself cached up in some ' ol tree. Ya need to broaden your horizons Bowhunter
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Default RE: Is Driving deer is really " hunting" ?

A drive at the end of the season to try to put some meat in the freezer is OK, by me, but if you use a drive as the primary mode of killing, that can' t be considered " hunting."
I don' t understand this. I don' t see a problem with this. If it is ok to do something as a last ditch effort, then there should be no problem with it during normal conditions. It would be like someone saying that they don' t agree with baiting, but on the last day will go to a bait stand that frequently has deer at it because that is their last chance to get a deer. There are several ways to " hunt" wild game, so as long as the person or group of people is not breaking the law, then fine by me. I have used drives to a certain extent, but not like people in the east may use, much smaller scale.
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Default RE: Is Driving deer is really " hunting" ?

I don' t understand how someone could be sitting in a metal climbing stand, wearing super-insulated DOW chemical created carbon clothing, with a 100th generation compound single-cam bow in their hand bristling with high-tech carbon arrows (or perhaps even a high-powered rifle with a scope), perhaps with a bait pile in front of them, or a scent bomb " manufactured" off a deer farm and say that it' s not hunting to drive deer because it' s an unfair advantage over the deer. You really must be kidding.
We hunt our land all during bow season, including scouting extensively directly after season to determine exactly what the natural wintertime patterns are. Most of the deer on the property are taken during bow, mostly with recurves. I can tell almost without exception where every deer is on that property because we take extensive notes after every hunt. When we do " drive" deer we only do three or four drives a day, usually taking about 2 hours to drive through about 500 feet. In almost every case, I can tell the drivers or standers exactly where every deer is bedded or which escape route they are most likely to use.
Every deer taken off the property is mature, buck or doe, whether it' s during bow or gun season, which in Ohio is only one week and does not coincide with the rut so deer are not naturally moving after being exhausted from the rut. We go out for only two days with specific deer in mind.
And yes, NY, the bucks will double back this year if they do feel pressure on their bed from a still-hunter coming their way. How do I know, because I can tell you exactly where he' s bedded, where his favorite escape route is and sometimes even what his attitude will be from being pushed.
The truth is, if you came down to our land during gun season, all you would hear is an occasional shot at a deer moving slowly through the woods. Probably about the same thing I would hear if I visited your property during gun season.
I just can' t understand why responsible hunters like everyone on here seems to be can not get together and just support responsible hunting. It is as it always has been with everyone continuing to belittle each other over ' My way is better than yours' . Do continue to fuel the fire of anti-groups by infighting within the hunting community and nobody will doing drives, or any hunting, in your area.
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Default RE: Is Driving deer is really " hunting" ?

it is amazing how some of you people can start out with " to each his own..." and then go right into " that is not hunting!!" I saw the post the other day about how drives were good, and i knew someone was gonna start with this BS. Who are any of you to decide what is " hunting" ? The people i hunt with do mainly drives, but it isn' t all shooting like you think. We(5 or 6 people) get about 2 deer a year. The other day my dad shot a deer while doing a drive, and he was pushing, and the deer was going the opposite way as him. what does this mean? it means that we arent just forcing the deer past perfectly placed " shooters" . Some of the places that we hunt or so thick, that you could walk through, and the deer will just circle around you, everytime. If the deer is in the woods, and the woods are really thick, get the deer out fo the woods and then shoot it. that isn' t cheating, that is common sense. This " holier than thou" attitude comes up way too often on this board. people who say using 4-wheelers to get to your stand isnt hunting, using bait isnt hunting, using a blind isnt hunting, shooting an albino isnt hunting. IT IS ALL BS. Dont judge me, i won' t judge you, as long as you follow the law. Get off your high horse and stop judging. I still cant beleive how you can say " different strokes for different folks" and then turn around to bash people who do drives.

and i would like to note that we do not " crash through the woods yelling back and forth" , and as for whistles, thats just stupidity

as far as " unfair advantage" goes, of course we have the advantage, that is why we are the hunters
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Default RE: Is Driving deer is really " hunting" ?

TJ- I don' t think I saw anyone putting anyone down or deciding what " hunting" is. I have seen posts where some people feel a style of hunting is better, more pure, more effective, better for their area, better during a certain time of day or season. What I have seen is a discussion, pretty much with mostly open minded people.

It seems from the replies, that in some cases, certain hunters have a sense of pride in one form or another of hunting. Clearly, some people have pride in both.

I think this has been a great and cordial discussion among people who all love to hunt.
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Boone & Crockett
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Default RE: Is Driving deer is really " hunting" ?

And yes, NY, the bucks will double back this year if they do feel pressure on their bed from a still-hunter coming their way.
I realize they actually do that Chip. I think you were refering to this quote.

the drivers usually end up getting over half the bucks when they try to double back. Still get a few hauling hind-quarters, but not too many
I was making reference to the nic few " hauling" hind-quarters, but not too many. lmao. Isnt' that nice??

I love how the " drivers" percieve all stand hunters as some rich kinda ranch hunters. That' s priceless. 4 wheelers, tree houses with coffee, carbon suits, all the gadgets, etc....... believe it or not everyone that stand hunts is not set up with the best of the best.
Hey you guys have your way and thats' fine. Good luck and be safe. Just will never understand that if you are sure where the deer are bedding why dont' you go the extra mile and hunt them if you know they are there. Figure them out when they' re going to move and where.....etc
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Default RE: Is Driving deer is really " hunting" ?

We don' t drive till the last day......
But let me ask you this?????
How many deer have you taken from a deer drive that you didn' t even know happened.
Like when you are on the far side of your woods & the guys next door start a drive on the far side of thiers.
Chances are you got a deer and never knew it was the result of a deer drive.

One more thing when you walk into your stand you move deer that later come back is this not a deer drive of one kind?
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Default RE: Is Driving deer is really " hunting" ?

Figure them out when they' re going to move and where.....etc
I would love to do this but after a couple of days of the woods being orange
The deer don' t move till it is dark.
Can' t hunt in the dark law has dim view of this.

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Default RE: Is Driving deer is really " hunting" ?

Hunted for years with a club in Virginia that used dogs to drive the deer.Many would think this is an unfair advantage, and eventually would wipe out the deer,but hunted there for over 20 years,and every year there where more deer than last year.
No matter how you hunt them,it' s all good.


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Quick Reply: Is Driving deer is really " hunting" ?

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