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What you eat?

Old 11-26-2003, 09:43 AM
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Default What you eat?

Does anyone remember an article about the type of food you eat and the type of scent that you give off?

I don' t remember the publication or the year, I do know it was about 20 years ago. It made the argument that deer do not shy away from animals that don' t eat red meat. It said that your body chemistry would change the scent you gave off.

I tried it for a month or two before the season and went into the season for a while. I didn' t eat any chicken or red meat. I ate fish and everything else. I did it until I couldn' t stand it anymore.

My results were pretty good. I was able to stand on the ground or still hunt and deer would smell me and glance my way, but wouldn' t spook. They would spook when I moved, but if I stood still they had to smell me when they were downwind. It was definetely a weird feeling!

My wife wouldn' t put up with it now, but I was wondering if anyone else had tried it or remembered the article.
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Default RE: What you eat?

Have not been to those extreams but I did notice the other morning that the deer did not care to be down wind after eating a big bowl of vension chili the night before. Was good no one else was in my blind.[:-][:-]
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Default RE: What you eat?

A wise old man from this board told me we smell like what we eat. Venison for the entire hunting season for me. Especially if you have a gas problem it could be used to your advantage.
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Default RE: What you eat?

It' s true that a person' s odor will reflect the foods that he/she has eaten. I was a vegetarian for three years (now I think to myself, " What were you thinking?" ), and I could actually smell meat on a person. And as soon as I went back to my regular diet of Quarter Pounders, I started using a lot more deodorant. Sounds strange, but it' s true.

I know deer can pick up on those smells, but I can' t say one way or another that it will spook them more easily. The mature bucks don' t need a lot of stimuli to get moving in the first place.
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Default RE: What you eat?

if this is true, i must stink of garlic and beer
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