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Button Bucks

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Default Button Bucks

<font color=maroon> <img src=icon_smile_question.gif border=0 align=middle> I noticed on some of the posts about people taking &quot;button bucks.&quot; Why would you want to shoot one? #1. You've deprived yourself of a mature buck. #2. There is less meat on them. We have a late spike and anterless season here in Texas when we harvest does and tall spikes. I won't get into the shoot/don't shoot spikes in this thread.

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Default RE: Button Bucks

All big bucks were once little bucks. I can't understand anybody wanting to shoot one.
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Default RE: Button Bucks

1st of all, i don't shoot one on purpose. but people who do shoot them have their reasons. probably because they don't get to hunt much and 1st deer they see is shot. or it may be their 1st deer that they have ever taken. what ever their reason it is theirs! i'm not trying to be a smartbutt. i'm just trying to look at it from their point of view!
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Default RE: Button Bucks

Sometimes when a dear is by itself and you are doe hunting they look bigger than you think an sometimes you might just be hungry
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Default RE: Button Bucks

The best darn eating is a young doe, I popped what I thought was a doe at 40 yards that turned out to be the smallest antlered 4 point I have ever seen. Another guy saw him at 20 yards through thick brush and thought he was a she also. Some buttons are shot by folks thinking they are shooting a doe, others are shot because people feel they are inferior genes. The feeling being that a buck with good genes should be at least a spike its first year. Some folks believe in the brown it is down theory also, and as long as it is legal I have no problem with it.

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Default RE: Button Bucks

I shot a button buck this year, was I happy with a good clean kill?? YES

Would I have shot it if I knew it were a button?? NO I had passed on a button buck 3 or 4 times already this year.

Was I proud that I shot the button buck? HECK YES Any kill is a good kill in my book.

I can honestly say that in the 10 years I have been hunting I have only taken 2. And both times I was unaware of any buttons until I found him.

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Default RE: Button Bucks

I can see how a button buck could be mistaken for a doe. Personally, I've never shot one, but I've shot does so I guess I've taken that chance. I do know that younger deer taste better than the old bucks, and all of them taste better than antlers.
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Default RE: Button Bucks

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Default RE: Button Bucks

I have only shot one button buck in 6 years of hunting. I saw it at a fairly far distance, it was trotting through a field. I pulled up my .25-06 and shot. I was tickeled to death. I thought it was a doe, didn't know it was a button buck. I didn't care. It was a deer. I would never have shot it if I knew it was a button buck, but I didn't, so I have NO remorse for my actions.

Good Luck This Season: Buck Magnet
P.S. Only Chuck Adams can sit at home and see deer so get into the woods. =;^)
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Default RE: Button Bucks

The first deer I ever shot turned out to be a knot head.Does were open.This deer was on the run when I shot it. I thought I had a nice little doe. I was surprised when I saw the little knots on his head. I was thrilled that I finally got my first deer.Even though it was my first,if I had of known I would have let him walk.I would never intentionally shoot one. Sometimes those knots are invisible.Ruger Redhawk
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