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ELD X in 6.5 creedmoor

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Default ELD X in 6.5 creedmoor

Looking for some info on real life experiences with ELD X in 6.5 creedmoor on deer inside 200 yards
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not exactly what your asking, but one of the guys I hunt with has a sporterized 6.5mm swedish mauser
he has used it on several elk hunts and countless deer hunts with very good results
hes used the speer 140 grain bullet almost exclusively and hes had good results
a sporterized Swedish Mauser could be made into a very accurate,
and fairly light weight and low recoil hunting rifle are a very low price.

6.555mm Swedish - Wikipedia


6.5x55 Swedish Mauser Review - Shooting Times

It's not much of a stretch to make a case for the 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser being the best 6.5mm cartridge of them all.

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The ELDX is just an A-max with a bit better BC, they say its a target bullet, however the a-max has been known for years as a pretty good hunting bullet in the long range hunting circles, as long as the impact velocity is below 3200 fps. Have not shot any deer with that bullet in my creed, plan on trying the 123's in my grendel this coming season. Give them a whirrl, a carefully placed shot should be fatal and then you can see the terminal performance for yourself.
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Liked the accuracy so much that I bought an entire case before I even shot an animal with them. Have since taken many deer with them, many in the 3-400 range and have been fairly impressed. My buck last season was 287 yards in the brush and never moved out of his tracks when I shot center shoulder. I did get clean exit and massive damage on the exit. Heart shot a big 8pt a few years ago at 30 yards and he only ran another 30 throwing blood everywhere. I haven't found fragments yet so the bullets must expand as expected because there's always massive damage around the bullet channel. My wife on the other hand has mad a few questionable shots with her creed that kinda leaves you scratching your head over the lack of blood. I'm not convinced yet that it's a total "go to". I miss the days of my 30-06 when tracking was never an issue.
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One of my buddies uses ELD X and pretty fond of it. Told me it's really accurate and doesn't shatter. Sounds like a pretty good round by the sound of it
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