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NC Moutain deer question

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Default NC Moutain deer question

I am pretty close to a beginner when it comes to hunting deer. I am going to be hunting in the western mountains of NC in buncombe county this season. I just scoped out the property this weekend. It is about 200 acres, it is mountainous with a big creek running down the center with several feeder creeks. There are some access trails that I did see coyote, deer, and possibly blackbear tracks on. There were not as many visible deer tracks as I expected on the sandy areas (but it was mostly rocky and compact soil so as to make sign less visible) but I think there should be quite a lot of deer in the area. It is very remote, should be low hunting pressure, and there were tons of oaks, hickory trees, blackberries, and other forage in the clearcut areas.

My first instinct was to stick close to the creeks as deer like water sources, but anyone who has been to the mountains in NC knows that the creeks are very overgrown with bushes and you cant really see very far so that seems out. In general the whole landscape seemed to be overgrown with bushes so the only real visibility was on the access trails and potentially the clearcut areas, although those are growing up with bushes and small trees now. My question is what is the best way to hunt a property like this (mountainous and low visibility)?

With my limited knowledge, the best area I found was on an access trail with some large hickory trees. That was where I saw the most tracks. Based on what you are hearing do you think the best place to hunt would be in stands overlooking the access trails near foods sources or high traffic areas?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I am also interested in turkey/blackbear if they are around(no experience with either of these) so any advice in this realm would be appreciated too.
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