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Gun or shooter error

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Originally Posted by elkman30
^^^ What TN Lone Wolf and Timbrhuntr said. Yes, it's nice to shoot at the distances you're going to shoot animals at so you get practice at shooting longer distances. But, a lot of guys don't have access to long distance ranges and instead use some version of sighting their rifle about 2-3" high at 100 yards so they know they're covered for up to 300 yards at least. It worked well for Jack O'Connor and has worked well for thousands of other hunters as well. IMHO, it's more important to get out and practice your shooting often so you keep a perishable skill intact and know your scope is still working okay.
Some purists will disagree but there's nothing wrong with that. In a perfect world, each of us would be able to practice shooting at the exact distance we shoot at animals so we "know" we can make that shot. If you're being a true purist, however, doing so means that you shoot at each 1 yard increment up to and past any range you anticipate shooting at an animal. That's a lot of shooting (nothing wrong with that) and a lot of ammo (harder to come by these days). If you use the O'Connor method, you could shoot a box or 2 of ammo from likely field shooting positions at a 100 yards or so and get a lot of realistic field shooting practice without breaking the bank.
I don't feel its abouit being a PUREST, its about KNOWING you have the skill set to shoot at ranges your willing to lob bullets at live animals

there is a HUGE difference in shooting at things at 100 yards and shooting at things at 400 yards from a FIELD position and NOT off a bench, so just using a chart that says where bullet drop will place things, is a poor way on KNOWING if you can consistently make a shot!
you can say things like it worked in the past for other generations, and YES, maybe it did, but do you NOT think time changes the way we ALL do things ,a s once we find better ways to do things and as information is handed out, THINGS change!
and I am NOT bashing here either, I am just saying
Hunters are under a LOT more scrutiny from the anti hunting forces out there, WHY give them ammo, with NOT making all the things a hunter can do happen to ensure were as-ethical as can be!

which mean, Knowing where our rifles shoot at distances we will take shots at live game!

there is a BIG difference in HOPING you can do something based on info you read on paper and KNOWING you can do it with having DONE IT!

I can read all I want about brain surgery, read everything ever written, but I DOUBT you would want me doing brain surgery on you? LOL

you can argue about no places to shoot at or BLAH BLAH BLAH<
but as all things in life, if you look you will find ways to get it done, millions of hunters have so, its NOT impossible
and if you cannot, maybe you should limit shots to ranges you can!,
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I frequently site in at relatively close ranges...sometimes 25 yards for a shot or two to make sure I am close...before moving out further. My long shot in the woods where I hunt is about 75 yards. I sight dead on at 75 and then take several at 100 and 50, even one or two at 25 so I know darn well what the gun is doing. I always sight in from a rest for consistency, as it is impossible to be consistent off hand. Sure, take some shots off hand once sighted, but when sighting...be sure.
Even though I may be able to see a deer at 75 yards or maybe even 100 throught the trees, I will not take a shot. There are plenty of branches/twigs etc. between it and me, and I owe the animal a clean kill, not a lousy hit because I dont have a clear shot. It doesnt take much...only a thin twig, to deflect a round.
Sounds like you were lucky with a clean miss. Now sight in proper for what you can realistically expect. Much the only pressure we have to pull the trigger is the pressure we put on ourselves. I would much rather pass on a shot than risk a wounded animal.
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In my experience, never the guns fault. And also you should zero for 200 yards, dead from 0-250 with center hold, no questions asked

Plus, even a 4 moa gun is a dead deer inside 200 yards, so try shooting at 100 and use the best grouping hunting bullet you can.

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