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Climbing Sticks

Old 07-21-2020, 04:56 PM
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Default Climbing Sticks

I have some very good steel climbing sticks that I would love to use this deer season, the only problem is I only have enough tree brackets for half of them. I have plenty of straps, but is there any way to safely use climbing sticks without bolt-on tree brackets.
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Old 07-22-2020, 03:20 AM
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Are they stacking sticks (assembled into a continuous ladder)? If so, then yes it can be done, make sure the rest are secured and add a strap around the section missing the bracket. If they are each a separate 2-3 steps, I wouldn't try it if leaving them out.
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Old 07-22-2020, 05:10 AM
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maybe tell us what brand sticks you have, and or add some pictures, as there not all the same
and you do know that climbing sticks are NOT made to be attached to tree's for more than a few weeks and some MFG's suggest that there not attached for more than a week at a time?(crazy yes but is what some recommend for safety)

the sun and UV light can weaken straps, and as a tree grows, it can add thousands of LBs of force being applied to a strap that's been on a tree for a l while!

so, using straps, is not a once and don e deal here , just so you know, as DON"T know what you know here or not!
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mrbb is correct that sun an UV light can weaken straps. However most mfgrs. of tree stands and steps use straps that are protected against UV light. DO NOT use those camo straps from Wlamart or other places that sell them. They are not treated for UV protection and will loose their strength quickly. Here in PA we cannot use any items on public property that damage the tree. This would include bolt on steps. Check your regs.
Edit: Its a good idea to purchase replacement straps for your stands and sticks every couple years.
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By your description I'm assuming you're talking about the "V" piece that would touch the tree. If you can't get them from the manufacturer, it would be real simple to make your own. From most any hardware you can get a 6ft x 1in length of steel you could cut them from($10). Drill the hole you need, bend to the shape you need with a vise, and bolt them on. I would say that you could probably use the lacking sections between good sections, but they are meant to be there for a reason. Any fall can be life threatening. How much do you value your life. Is it worth $10 and a little work? Just food for thought.

I worked for a hunting outfitter for 16 years and have hung thousands of climbing sticks of all brands and makes.
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