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getting basic handgun skills

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Originally Posted by Bocajnala
And he may be a troll, OT typically has a good eye for identifying those that are.

But certainly not based on that post.

Air Police used to carry revolvers way back when and are just now phasing out the last of them. I never saw Military Police (except CID) carry anything but a 1911a1 in the 70s. In fact, the Military Police kept the 1911a1 until way past when the Berettas M-9 was phased in for most of the Army.
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A lot of people write off sir pistols and head straight for full caliber pistols, but air pistols are useful tools to perfect technique. A broad statement, an air pistol shooter can shoot well with a pistol before they develop a flinch, but a pistol shooter can seldom shoot an air pistol well without training. The thing is all of the normal flaws/bad habits for a pistol shooter are exaggerated when shooting an air pistol
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I haven't seen anything yet to indicate that Wifeshusband is a troll. Just the opposite. In the "suspected" post, he gave pretty good advice for handgun hunting. I was in the Marines in the late 70's/early 80's and was a PMI for the last year and a half of my tour. I primarily taught rifles although also taught pistols. Most of the rifles were old M-16A1's and the pistols were Government 45's. Having said that, I am also aware that specialized units in all branches of service were able to choose different weapons based on their type of duty. From wifeshusband's post, he said he was in a special K9 unit that used revolvers for safety reasons. I'm guessing he was in the Air Force but don't know that for sure as he didn't say. I also have no idea of what AF K9's used for sidearms. Or K9 units in any other branch of service in the 70's. Do you have such information OT?
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