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patterning deer

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I always keep an eye out for old and new buck rubs --- Which tells me a buck is possibly in the general area --- With cedar trees being the most favorite tree a buck loves to rub his antlers on. I also look for bushes that have been thrashed by an antlered buck. You can also look for corn field patches that have been razed down and urinated on by an angry buck.

Bears also love to raze down cornfield patches.

Deer ticks love to hang around buck rubs.

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If you hunt in the mountains or hills...you'll have to be aware of uphill and downhill thermals.

With variations ---"Using the rule of thumb that thermals flow uphill in the morning and downhill in the evening."


Sometimes you can tell the size of a buck's rack...when he drags his antlers in the fresh dirt of his scrape.

You can sometimes tell the number of bucks in the area...when other bucks possibly make satellite scrapes around an original main scrape.

Look for deer funnel points in the lay of a land. For example: A mountain ridge that has two cliff faces on each side of it...save for the top of the ridge that slopes down to a stream crossing or whatnot.

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what about hunting the edge of bedding area with wind in your favor? ive got a piney brook area with couple big huge white oaks. deer use it to bed mostly only in bad weather though its a real good travel corridor though. i do hunt in massachusetts. i know of a number of bedding areas they use but its the fact of when they use it meaning they just jump from bedding area to bedding area on any given day. in other states they just use the same ones day in and day out. thanx
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