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Recommended deer rifle

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Default Recommended deer rifle

Im in the market for a new deer rifle. My budget is anything less than $800. Was looking at the Tikka T3x lite in 6.5 creed and the Savage Storm 6.5. I'm looking for something very accurate and dependable. Just wanting recommendations
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Both Tikka and Savage are known for their accuracy. The 6.5 CM is an capable round for deer, but there are others. If you don't reload, be sure you can readily obtain ammunition. Good choices. Go for it.
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I am new to hunting, what kind of rifle should I purchase for beginners and deer hunting?
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while its not exactly the same as a Creemore 6.5mm , the velocity is quite similar
one of my friends has used a Swedish Mauser in caliber 6.5 mm Swedish
that he purchased a laminated aftermarket stock for in the late 1980s and hes lost count of the mule deer and whitetail deer hes killed long ago

hes found the 140 grain hornady dependable
he used 44 grains of h4831 over a 215 fed primer for decades as that gave the best accuracy





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Originally Posted by Danielneve View Post
I am new to hunting, what kind of rifle should I purchase for beginners and deer hunting?
Get a good one. A good rifle is an investment. Get the best one you can afford, same for the scope. You want a scope that holds zero. With firearms, you get what you pay for. You want one that's accurate, reliable and comfortable to shoot. You don't need the latest trending magnum caliber. The classics have been killing game for a long time. The ammo is usually readily available, not as expensive and the recoil won't be bad. Keep in mind, you can't get good at shooting without practicing extensively and expensive ammo that knocks you around is no incentive to shoot a lot. A good rifle, if cared for, will hold its value. Down the road, if you change you mind, you won't take a bath selling it.
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I suggest going to shops and holding some rifles, then pick the caliber you want
NOT all guns fit everyone the same, and or not everyone likes the same features or fit of a gun

so ME or someone else saying BUY "THIS" might be what we like and fits us, but might NOT fit you or be all you like!
brand name , good model rifles today are ALL accurate guns, some are more accurate than others , due to production runs , NOT just make or model related, unless a gun comes with an accuracy guarantee!
and even then, it might come down to finding WHAT the gun likes before it will achieve that group!

best advice again, GO look at and hold rifles , and buy what fits you best!
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May I suggest the Mauser M18 --- a synthetic push feed bolt rifle that Outdoor Life magazine rated it as a "best buy" at $699. But I believe that Euro Optics may have it for sale in the $400 range. A shooter at our range just bought one in 243, and he is pleased with the accuracy of it --- He showed it to me, and I liked the beefy bolt. He mounted a one-piece Weaver rail for his scope.

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Since you posted this in the whitetail deer hunting forum, one would assume you're hunting whitetails. Since most whitetails are shot at shorter ranges (under 100-200 yards), just about any rifle will be accurate enough for you. Like mrbb said, it will come down to what feels more comfortable to you and what quality level of finishing you prefer (they're not all the same in that department).
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New to forum, but I have a Custom Stainless Rem 700 in .308 with a 20" Shilen barrel that I'm looking to sell, but its a little more than your budget. PM me if interested and I can send pics.
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I have had great luck with Browning x bolt ,love the 7mm-08 round DRT on deer .
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