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snow while hunting

Old 11-04-2003, 01:43 PM
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Default snow while hunting

Finally, here in Minnesota we might actually have snow on the ground for the opener, Nov. 8th. I can' t wait. You can see where the deer are moving and they show up better with the white background. Its been about 5 years since we had snow for the opener, maybe more. What does everybody else think about snow while deer hunting.
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Default RE: snow while hunting

i think snow is great. i hunt in north central WI and it has also been some years since we have had snow during the regular season. i think it helps the deer catch your eye and it helps to track deer. also, after you field dress the deer, you can store it outside without worrying about spoiling. good luck on the opener!
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Default RE: snow while hunting

Having snow on the ground tells the story...like putting the puzzle together. Deer are easier to track for sure, and easier to see as well. And if, unfortunately, you have to follow a blood trail, there' s no guessing. I love hunting in the snow here in New England but there' s something to be said for hunting early in the season, during the peak of the rut, especially when the air is crisp and the leaves are like corn flakes and the sound of a deer walking nearby gets the adrenaline going.
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Default RE: snow while hunting

For me it' s a toss up. Like Jimmy S. said, hearing those deer coming a mile away lets your imagination run wild (before you find out that that 12 pointer is actually a 45 pound doe!). Hearing them ahead of time lets you situate yourself and get comfortable for a possible shot, but its also nice to see their dark silhouette contrasted against the white background in the snow.
I' ll take either one as long as it' s not raining!!!
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Default RE: snow while hunting

i love it....it makes everything look so nice( a good fresh snow not an old poopy one) last year was great...we went up friday night becuase a snow storm was coming....we originally werent going until saturday like everyone else......stupid us.....we drove RIGHT into the storm....it took us about 4 hours i think to go to where it normally takes us an hour and a half......we got about 4 inches in a few hours....it was crazy on them tiny mountain roads....it took us dang near half an hour just to get down this one mountain.....its a big steep mountain side and the snow was just piling up on it.....it was crazy....hunting was great....we could see alot better and dragging was alot easier....only gripe from me is the snow acts like an intilator and it like your in a freezer surrounded by ice....25-30 outside.....sitting in a pile of snow....it got cold fast.....but it was nice......i hope we get it this year too......only i hope im 15 ft in the air not in the snow.......
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Default RE: snow while hunting

I will be hunting New york on the 17th and hope we get some snow. It was approx. 60+ in Pa. today so hopefully things change in the next 10 - 12 days and we get some lake effect snow.
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Default RE: snow while hunting

I enjoy snow as well on the first day, which for us in PA is December 1st. It makes it easier to track, see the blood trail, and drag the deer out of the woods. I prefer it over rain.

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Default RE: snow while hunting

I too will be hunting in MN, north central region. I' m hoping the snow will stick around at least until friday so I can find out what kind of activity has been going on near my stand.....this is going to be the longest 3 days of my life!!!!
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Default RE: snow while hunting

[:' (] Opeing season is the 8th in Ky. The weather is suppose to be sunny and in the mid 50' s. [:' (] No snow for us. I guess I will be hunting in short sleeves!! But still a bad day at hunting is better then a good day at work!!
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Default RE: snow while hunting

snow is good---dont care for rain[X(]--but the sounds from them coming through the leaves is a heart pumper too.
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Quick Reply: snow while hunting

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