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Never got my deer meat back

Old 01-19-2019, 08:35 AM
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I don't have anything against a hunter who takes his meat to a processor some and I used to be one just figure there is some art to butchering a deer or other game animal or maybe they just don't have the time but when you do you lose control of your hard earned expensive meat. I hunt because I want to kill an animal and then process it myself. I do all my own grinds cuts specialty stuff like smoked pastrami sausage pepperettes etc. I just enjoy the whole process from killing to grilling and nothing gives me more satisfaction than taking a nice steak of the grill and saying I did that. I look at hunting the animal the same as I do butchering or caring for it post kill until on the table. I sucked when I started hunting and I sucked when I first started to butcher and process my own meat but with time and some good mentors I am glad I learned to do all parts of the hunt myself.
Also glad to hear you at least got your (maybe) meat back.
Now if I could just figured out this taxidermy thing lol

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Originally Posted by sauer14
This is the original poster, 2days after I posted this I got a call from the place I took my deer, they told me it was ready and I had my Dad pick it up (I had to work and it is a long drive) I have used this place once before and the wait was only about a week. I had bacon, balony and sausage made plus the cuts. It seems I have been shorted meat at several other places I have taken my deer so I tried this place. My wifes friends husband has a place that he uses to process his deer (and he gets lots of deer) I think I will go with them next year, two months is to long to have to wait.
Glad to hear you got your meat back. Sounds like you need to have a few beers with your wife's friend's hubby and see what he has to say about processing a buck for you. Maybe even visit in the off season to see how he's set up.
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Nice that it worked out in the end. Your butcher must have a ginormous freezer. Where I hunt, a butcher usually processes your meat within a week or 2 and then wants to charge you more if you don't pick it up within a week cause he's hurting for freezer space.
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Originally Posted by born2climb
Bacon is made from......PORK!!!

Not venison bacon lol. I just want to try it!

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Originally Posted by dhasemann
Me neither. Who knows how someone else took care of their kill in the field. It may have sat overnight on a warm fall evening gut shot before being found the next day. I don't want that meat thank you. Not even cooked.

I couldn,t agree more with you two all,s comments.
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