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270 vs 30-06

Old 11-25-2018, 06:15 PM
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for deer they all work fine, from the 24's to the 30's, who's thumbing the trigger has a lot to do with it, Saturday I absolutely hammered a 9 point at 404 yards with a 6mm pushing a 95 gr ballistic tip.
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from what I've seen a great deal of proper (or at least the cartridge you have confidence in)
cartridge selection is partially based on,
keep in mind I started hunting mostly elk in canyon country where ranges over 300 yards were rare,
and I made most of my decisions based on what I saw on many out of state hunts back in the late 1960, early 1970s, through the early too mid 2000s
Most people made choices based on what the person making the choice has seen other successful hunters he knows are using and or,
his personal experiences related to what hes seen, first hand, and what hes got the most confidence in using.
that and many guys are very recoil sensitive,
When I started hunting it was almost written in granite that you needed a 30/06 Springfield.
I was not impressed with my 30/06 at that time!
yeah It killed elk, but they ran a bit after being hit!
after watching very carefully what other people had been using successfully,
and having an un-realistic expectation that everything hit should drop on bullet impact,
and helping dress out several dozen mule deer and elk.(brought into camp)
I was 100% confident in my choice of a 340 wby, and a 375 H&H as the two best possible choices.
why just looking at the cartridges gave one confidence,
this was mostly based on the fact that everything Id shot or seen shot with those rifle calibers, had, when dressed out,
a very easy to follow bullet path from impact to exit in a strait line regardless of range or angle,
and you could easily see a very noticeable difference in the reaction of game hit with the larger calibers,
and the bullets did not turn to glitter like the 300 and 7mm mags seemed too.
As I gained experience I began too realize this was more related to crappy bullet designs
,being selected, and the fact many guys could not place shots accurately,
many guys selected ammo mostly based on either price or advertising,rather than putting thought into the game, hunted,
potential range it would be used at or intended velocity ,or caliber.
especially once a friends dad consistently dropped elk with a 257 roberts and 115 grain nosler partitions.
one guy I hunted with for decades used a browning BLR in 358 win with a 250 grain speer bullet,
one other guy used a 270 win single shot with 150 grain hornadys exclusively.
eventually it became obvious even to me that while my larger caliber rifles worked flawlessly,
other people were racking up similar success records with a fairly wide range of calibers just as successfully,
and it was more related to the skill of the rifleman and proper bullet selection than the caliber or head stamp on the cartridge case.
I still feel 100% confident in my personal choices but Im no longer convinced there any reason other choices don,t make much sense,
theres just too many guys filling freezers with the 25-30 caliber rifles consistently.

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Old 12-06-2018, 01:10 PM
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Originally Posted by mrbb
both are great calibers there is NO BEST between them
and as for second question I gather you mean BULLET and not BULIT (no bashing meant here either LOL)

there are endless options out there today, the bullet you use will and should come down to what game you are hunting, what range you expect MOST shots to be in and then, what one's actually shoot best in the rifle you have
just like NOT all Blue cars are the same , NO two rifles will always shoot the same bullet with the same accuracy
its trial and error when finding the load/bullet YOUR rifle likes best!
good news is there are very few BAD bullets made today and I mean BULLET heads, NOT loaded ammo
that is also a totaly different thing all together
but again, most ALL brand name HUNTING ammo in either caliber is a decent starting point
and there are even some top shelf load/bullet combo's out there today
just don't buy on pride alone, just cause something costs more doesn't again mean its best for your rifle!
Yep. I am a husker....I reach for Hornady.
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Old 12-06-2018, 03:40 PM
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One nice thing about the 30-06 caliber is its easy to find ammo in pretty much any store that sells ammo. Its typically cheaper than other center fire calibers too.
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Old 12-07-2018, 06:44 AM
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Originally Posted by billyboy
I have shot a lot of deer with 270 130 grain Federal SPBT bullets and it will get the job done but so will 30-06 .For me it would be about recoil ,so now I shoot 7mm-08 ,love this round .
I know this is off topic, but everything I've read about the 7mm-08 is really positive. I'm currently using a Savage Model 11F in .308, but I'm using the switch to 7mm-08 as an excuse to buy a new rifle .
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Either one works well enough.

I have used 150 grain winchester Power Points, but have just started handloading. 150 grain hornaday interlocks most likely next year as they appear to group fine.
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Originally Posted by mrbb
you mean BULLET and not BULIT (no bashing meant here either LOL)
And yet you don't even add anything of value.

Maybe he is french.

As for 30-06, traditionaly 150 or 180, with 165 coming out now too. Can go up to 200, but you will have to probably hand load if you wanted to go that heavy.

Both are good cartridges.

Look at what your twist is. Some of the Europeans use different twists, and will dictate what bullet

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What Berserker said^^^^^^. I use a .270win with hand-rolled 150g Hornady SSTs. If it comes within 400 yards and gives me a good shot opportunity it dies. Use what you are confident in.
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