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Brush Gun Bullistics

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For the OP, I think most people would want to know what was the shot placement for the bucks that didn't have a blood trail and what bullets you used. Not saying you're doing something wrong but differences in those 2 on different animals could explain a lot.

When the OP mentioned Brush busting ballistics, I got the impression he was talking about something for short range that gets him as close to bang flop as he can, not something that's going to go through brush without deflection. I could be wrong and only the OP can say what he meant for sure.

As for the different definitions of still hunting, they can be a little tricky. Spot and stalk implies one is spotting a buck from a vantage point and then stalking it. If you don't have that vantage point to glass until you find a buck to stalk, then it's not quite spot and stalk. Still hunting can sound like a misnamed style of hunting but if you're doing it right, it does involve a lot of standing still, preferably in some kind of cover. It does involve some degree of stalking although it depends on how close you can get or want to shoot. I guess for me, still hunting could also be described as take a few steps slowly, stop, do a lot of looking and then glassing and sometimes just wait for things to settle down. The rinse, repeat a lot more times. It's effective and a lot of fun. I've tried just sitting in a ground blind and that is extremely hard to do. I like moving and exploring the country a lot more.

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Originally Posted by Erno86
To keep the deer from running, after I take a shot at him in a crowded hunting woods filled with hunters...I'll shoulder shoot him --- that's where a bunch of nerve bundles are located.
But I would try not to shoulder shoot a bear on the first shot.

Could be...that the deer in your area are so fat, that the fat clogs the entry and exit wounds.

Just sayin...
A bear can't take a hit as well as a deer can!
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I didn't realize the idea of fat clogging a hole was not commonly accepted. Never seen it myself, but never had one go that far. Maybe regional.

It is surely believed by bear hunters. Some deer hunters too.

As for less blood with modern bullets, only if it doesn't exit. Modern bullets do expand better. I have had partion and interlocks not exit, but I think it the shot placement, not the bullet. They expanded nice though.
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