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Deer Hunting & Duck Hunting

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Default Deer Hunting & Duck Hunting

I was out scouting for turkey on some public land in Maine. I found what could be a dynamite spot for deer hunting near a swamp at a River bend. There is sign that some people may hunt ducks in the same area. My question is does anyone have any experience with deer hunting in areas where there is duck hunting at the same time? How does the duck hunting affect the bowhunting for deer. I found some shells on the bank of the river bend and I was thinking of hunting inland near the back of the swamp.

Any Replies Appreciated.

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I'd think you'd want to anticipate their movements in and out, as they may push deer.

Also, if you think they would drive deer away, you'd want o think about where they'd be heading and be set up there.
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I had one Buck that hung out with the Ducks. There was most always Ducks where he bedded down, in the thick brush near a bend in the creek.

Something people sometimes forget is the forest telegraph, different species warn each other when there is danger.

What happened is he got pushed away from his favorite bedding area by Duck hunters. It was temporary, he'd drift back eventually. What he did do was scrape and rub, basically expand his territory. I set up on his new border, on a new rub and waited a few mornings and evenings. I eventually got him at a round 25 yards from a temporary ground blind. I cleared a path of dead leaves and twigs so I could sneak in quiet in the dark.

I'm not sure if it is universal, but this Buck tended to scrape and rub evenings and lick low branches mornings. But I did ambush him on the way to a rub early one morning, so his tendencies/habits weren't a rule, just a tendency. He was mostly nocturnal and marked on the way too and from bed.

Funny story about that, I was after a Buck on the next stretch of Creek bank. I was in a high seat, almost falling asleep, it was late morning just getting warm out. I had been up there since zero dark thirty. When all of sudden the silence was broken by a crash (breaking brush) and a loud splash. I almost dropped my rifle I was so startled. The Creek there is maybe 30 feet wide and 6-8 feet deep, that Buck dove in and swam across. I was sitting with my back to the creek overlooking an open field. The bank was steep, it was five feet almost vertical to the water, there were only a few spots to cross without having a vertical climb to get out of the water.. I spotted where he typically crossed and set up for him there the next time.

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I've seen a fair amount of deer from the duck blind. Some of them were within bow range. We considered taking a bow to the blind, but never did.

I would suspect the only time the duck hunters will foul up your deer hunting will be with their ingress and egress. Other than that, the deer will keep to their same routine. I doubt the shooting will affect the deer unless the deer is near the blind when shooting commences.

Short answer is "go for it"
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I've found that Whitetails often hang out near Grouse (Ditch Chickens) in Maine. As MC said, the forest has it's tells and a flushing bird is a strong warning for a nearby deer. Perhaps you can spot them (the birds obviously) in softwood trees I sure as he!! can't!

Ducks? a little different and not much experience to offer there other than if seasons correspond I would back off that area but the deer are probably used to the shotguns that time of year anyway.

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