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Stay in.. Or pull out..

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Default Stay in.. Or pull out..

First of all, Hello everyone! This my first post here. I've cruised dozens of forums and like this one enough to register.
I was wondering what experience some of you may have after you harvest the "king of the hill" by that I mean the Dominate buck in the area. I was after him all season and saw one other quality buck on the same ridge on a different travel corridor. Since I've taken him off the hill his scrapes have been covered over with leaves. And his son seems to of taken over, it's clear it's his genetics. He's a great 2.5 year buck with excellent potential, so I've been letting him walk. I'm not sure if I should stick to the spot because it's the prime spot for hunting being sort of a intersection for many other ridges or make a move closer to where I know another bonafide shooter is. Any thoughts or observations? Btw, like the click bait title?

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Doesn't sound like it's premature to pull out on this one. ;-) If you know there is another shooter elsewhere, go get him.
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Depends on what result you are looking for
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The title of the OP has a good chance to send this post down the toilet.
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When the king of the hill is taken out another moves in. Natures way. In addition there are deer that almost nobody ever sees even in smaller woodlots and ag fields.
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Pull out, always
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