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How many members?

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Default How many members?

My friend and I just acquired a new land lease for 101 acres. I was wondering how many people should I have rifle hunting at once?
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Whatever you believe is safe, it is entirely your decision. I hunt property owned by my wife's family, it is a little over 100 acres and hunted by family only at this time we have five hunters and we are all fr enough apart that we don't interfere with one another but at times we help one another when we shoot.
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We have 95 ac and 3 people works well for us.

Should also add that we only hunt stands or blinds and don’t walk around.

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My dad owned a 80 acre place about 65 acres wild land. Five people hunted it and I felt that was to many.
five would have been fine if two would have stayed put in their blind and not roaming around other peoples hunting area shooting lanes.

Bought my 37 Acre deer camp and we had 6 of us hunted it but there is close to 6000 public land acres aroud it.

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Bought my 37 Acre deer camp and we had 6 of us hunted it but there is close to 6000 public land acres aroud it.
Good point. Smaller properties hunt bigger if they are surrounded by public land. Our property is surrounded by 54,000 acres of public land. A lot of our guys hunt the public land.
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rough figuring 40 acres per person is my motto, Plus you have to really like each other, as someone will always become jealous after awhile
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If it is just you and a friend, which your original post indicates, then I'd hunt it with 2. You have half and your friend has half. Should be able to have a couple blinds each for different wind patterns.
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Depends if you want to sit still, or move around. 100 acres isn't much for someone that prefers to still hunt.

But, if you just want to set stands and blinds you could probably get 4 on there comfortably depending on how it's laid out.

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We've had as many as 6 people at a time in camp at my fathers 37 acre site. But we also have thousands of acres nearby that are State or County land. Many of us go there to hunt also.
And we seldom have all members (9) in camp at one time, due to preexisting commitments.

So for 100 acres, as OT mentioned. Its up to you and how safe you feel with however many people you have involved.
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