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Hunting alone

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Originally Posted by SoloCamper View Post
I use a game cart I bought on amazon. When I get back to my truck I rest the longer end of the deer cart on the tailgate and then slide the whole thing into the bed.
Great idea. I might have to try that.
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I only shoot deer on the uphill side of the road so it's an easy downhill drag.
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jeepkid, I try to get them to hop on up into the bed of my truck first then I shoot them. Got to have really smart, or stupid depending on how you look at it, deer for that though.
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This looks like a neat idea.

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The area I hunt most is a 2-mile hike in. I take a came cart with me (haul my climber in with it) and stash it in the brush. I can haul stand and deer out with it.
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Be careful. Slipped down a muddy creek bank and knocked myself out for about 20 seconds earlier this season lol!
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When I was hunting Michigans UP I carried a 10'x10' sheet of plastic sheeting. it made a handy dry spot to set when taking a break, or a wind break if you wanted to hunt one spot for the day. I also always carryed some cheap nylon cord. Get the deer down field dress it spread out my plastic sheet place deer on it and wrap it up tie to the neck and legs with the cordage. Use my pruneing saw to cut a handle for my drag rope tie on to the natlers and go. Most of thre time there was snow so you had to watch going down hills the deer didn't run you over.
It still would drag easy on wet or dry leaves.

. Al
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Ever heard of the "Missouri Snout Drag" ??

Unless it's a buck with decent sized antlers, cut a 1/2" diameter (green) sapling about 18" long. Shove the pointed end through the nose septum. Hand the bloody end to your buddy. And, pull. Legs and hair fold better when dragging the animal head first. Only had one doe in my lifetime that weighed too much to tear the septum. Only happened after hanging for a while. She was a corn fed Illinois fatty !!
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A four-wheeler. I would not hunt without it or my pick-up near.
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Horses for courses...

Pack, drag, sled, cart, mule, horse, 4 wheeler, mini-truck, pick-up truck, broken down, whole, field dressed...

Any of it works, some better in different situations than others. Heck of a lot of work to break down a deer and frame pack it if you're only a hundred yards out your back door, but it's pretty stinking hard to drag game whole very far... However you're hunting, consider how you'll get it out.
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