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Doesn't bother me but I do have a couple of tripod stands that have sides on them. Keeps the wind and the rain off your head and you still get the visibility.
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I am considering getting my first tree stand as I have just moved to the states and they seem to be the way to go here. I am no means a young bloke and I hate the cold hahah. Probably worth considering. Cheers.
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I like sitting against a tree, behind a stake-in "screen" blind
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When on the ground I use the Cabelas Turkey chair or Hunting Lounger and it is probably the most comfortable chair I have ever sat in. I even drink beer in the garage with it.

I sat in in once last year for 4.5 hours straight without moving before shooting one. I also carry my bibs and over boots on my back pack as you get cold just sitting still and not moving.

I just either back the chair up to the base of a tree, or find a broken limb and such to snuggle against. I tried winter turkey hunting in January and had 12 does and 3 bucks walk past me between 20 and 40 yards in 20 minutes. The last doe at 20 yards finally spotted me trying to video her with my phone.
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I started doing this sometimes this past season. Getting old and knees are shot. I picked up the upper half of an "Ol' Man" Vision climber at a yard sale for $5.00. Bottom was busted. Probably weighs 8# or so. Hung on a tree, it makes a decent "chair" . If I conceal myself, I use brush. I try to set-up on a ridge. I'd rather be off the ground but this works OK when there is a definite and steady wind direction.
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As You get older...including Myself,a nice Elevated Box Blind that is heated and where Your more protected from the harsh weather is what We should consider purchasing.

Depending on how high or low Your budget is and the thickness of Your wallet You can go cheap and build one yourself or if the sky's the limit it can run several Thousands for a pre-fabricated Box Blind!

The choice is Your's on how much comfort You want for Yourself....like buying Reality You need to consider Location,Location Location on where You put up an Elevated Box Blind and either making it Permanent or Mobile in case Deer movement changes or if the surrounding Enviroment is altered like Logging or adding Food Plots etc...!

For some reason I can't get a pic posted on here to save my soul to where I could show You the box blind I built on a budget to keep me warmer during the Colder months of Hunting here in Missouri.What I opted to do was get an old slightly damaged Metal Rack from work and I braced it up,painted it with misc colors of camo paint,put 2 levels of floor on it and box it in on the top floor.Cost of parts,lumber,bolts Camo material etc is at a comfortable $500- $750 dollar range and I can change or improve on the design as I go.

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