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Hunting a cut soybean field

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Default Hunting a cut soybean field

Do deer still use soybean fields after they've been cut? Is it time for me to move my stands away from the field?
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They will still hit them for a couple to a few weeks after cut. But not as heavily of course. If you have some Doe patterned out to them you will still probably have a little time to catch one in the field.
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Depends a lot on what else is available we would have to know what else is available to answer your question but generally once the beans start to turn yellow the leaves are not a preferred food source (Its the green leaves they love in the summer)

Generally when beans are being cut corn has just been cut and acorns are falling, this is where the deer should be for the most part.

They will be back for the leftover bean pods once that stuff gets cleaned up though.

Beans will once again become VERY preferred as the winter sets in because the pods are high in protein(corn is not).

Generally beans are great in the summer and winter but not great in the fall.

If the farmer will allow next time broadcast white clover and/or winter wheat in the standing beans just before they are cut and the beans will act as mulch.

Deer are definitely individuals and some will stick with the beans in the fall but most won't.

You have to be careful not to get caught up in heavy summer deer sign. Get ahead of the game on acorns because once you find heavy sign its often too late. Look for white oaks that are loaded (they generally produce large crops every 3rd year) and be ready when they start falling not after. That is where you catch a big boy on his feet in the daylight.....In the woods under a white oak.

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