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Need help and advice!!!

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Default Need help and advice!!!

So I've been bow hunting for a few years already and this has never happened till now and I have no idea what to do. So I don't own any land but a friend of mine is letting me hunt on his property this year. After over of month of the trail camera being out and putting my stand up. In the only location available. I have a few bucks that came through, a 9, 8, 7, 4, and a nubber. The 7 is defiantly the biggest and comes to my stand often (1-3 times a week). I have him patterned pretty good but the problem is that he only comes to the stand between 4:30-7:30am. It get light out about 7 so that give me roughly a half hour to get him. Here's the other problem. Opening day this year I got in my stand at 6:15am and sat till 10:30am and didn't see or hear anything. So I checked the camera and the 7 was there from 4:30-6:08am!!! So he was there when I walked in and I didn't even hear him leave! Needless to say he hasn't been on the camera until yesterday which has been 5 days. But he's still coming in at roughly 4:30-5am. So my question is how do I get him to come out later when I have a change to shoot him and how do I get to my stand without spooking him? Thanks everyone!!!
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My advice is only hunt it when you can get to it in a favorable wind and hope he is off schedule. You must have bumped him and he left for 5 days so he knows you are around. Can you get to the stand from another direction or move the stand away from that spot more towards where he is heading when he comes through? My bet is he is out all night in the fields and goes through your stand location on the way back to his bedding area. He must come back at night so a late day sit might catch him. Good luck.
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Kind of an iffy thing, I don't know your weather or location. But they often feed longer when the weather turns cold or when it gets very overcast and/or a light rain.

You have a short window here before his hormones get going and his schedule becomes irrelevant.

If you get desperate I've used my scent to my advantage. For instance if they use use three trails I walk two of them and set up on the third.

Or I walk in from a direction I don't want them to go. They are often hesitant to walk across your trail or in your scent cone. This can backfire on you, if they get really spooked they often tend to backtrack and go back the way they came from.

If the air is *still* you can walk the edge of the woods, it stays warmer in there and the air tends to move from the fields into the forest. If they are in the woods they will move away, but often circle back. If they are out feeding, your scent is in the woods and not in the field. I've actually walked right up on Deer and Hogs walking the forest edge.

IMO what you want to avoid is saturating your spot with your scent. One reason I only hunt one spot maybe two days in a row, then I move to another for a few days.

Good luck.
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wait until later in October when bucks start getting antsy with love in the air but do not wait too long or he may find love elswhere
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Have dealt with this a few times, most times they also are there in afternoon so I chose to not hunt that stand in morning.
If he is there that late in the morning he is bedding close so that is a major bonus for you!

Going to be real rough to try to get him to not be there until you get in without bumping him.

If not passing the stand in evening he is using another way out to feed, mature bucks whenever possible will use the wind to their advantage and walk with it in their face. Try to figure out where feeding and see if that is a spot where you can hunt.

If not period coming up, pre-rut, rut but be your best chance. get in as early as you can and hope he is out a little later with a doe
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