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Scent Control Question

Old 09-13-2016, 07:46 AM
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Originally Posted by olsaltydog View Post
You cant eliminate your scent, but you can minimize it to a degree. That is about the extent I have taking it. Many people have successfully hunted deer wearing their work clothes and no shower. Our ancestors have spent thousands of years achieving kills on hunts, why, certainly not scent control, but then again their success rate was also not that great either.

Have watched dogs running deer, great dogs, but several times you will see them find a scent trail and start going until they realize they are following in the wrong direction. U-turn and make a track back to the start and pick it up again. Your scent can still be present like with the dogs above, but it is how the deer scents you that will matter most. If you are just passing by, many will lay down, wait for you to pass, then get up and continue across your scent trail. Some times I believe they cross your trail but do not know if you are coming or going. They just know you where there and may become more cautious. If the area they are going into is flooded with your scent, then you can certainly ruin your chances.
I agree it does come in degrees, the more scent the more likely they are to bolt.

One thing you can never really control is your breathing, for very long anyway.
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Originally Posted by Bocajnala View Post
Hunt the wind, and don't hunt a stand until the time is right. Sometimes you have to wait and wait for the good stands until the right day. But don't ruin it by hunting when the wind is bad. you can't completely eliminate your scent.

Read again what Bocajnala said.
The best advice given.
A deer's sense of smell is legendary - ALWAYS hunt the wind.
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Back when I started bowhunting I went 3 years without a shot. Then I started washing clothes in de-scent detergent, washed and shampoo'd with special de-scent soaps. I would shower then walk out in the snow (Northern LP Michigan) to put on my long johns, spray with scent-free, put on my clothes, spray with scent free, put on my rubber boots and jacket and spray again. Then I would stop at a crabapple tree and chew on one for a while and put it in my pocket for later. The first deer I shot actually followed my trail from downwind.

Too much dang trouble. Just hunt the wind.
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