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Hunting Safety Lines

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Default Hunting Safety Lines

I'm looking into using a hunters safety line this season as opposed to the strap. I know that you can buy these already made, but they seem awfully expensive given that its such a short length of rope. Tying the knots and system is very simple and I think I could probably get enough rope to make 2-3 life line systems for what they charge for a preassembled life line. Does anyone make their own? if so what type of rope do you buy?

I was looking at something shown in the link below based on the specs. I know it says not to be used as a climbing rope for liability reasons. The dynamic force of a 250# person falling 5-6 feet would be somewhere around 460# so it should work, however I would prefer something that didn't have said comments.

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I tie my own as well. Have for years. Prussik knots are easy to do and work very well. I like a good 9.8 velocity type climbing rope since they are light, strong, and can take a beating. Not to mention they hold up to weather pretty well too so you can leave your drop line in the tree all season and not worry about quick rot.

Velocity line such as Sterling Evolution isn't cheap though at around $250 for around 45 yards of the stuff. BUT, as I say with handguns for concealed carry, don't skimp on something that may well save your life one day. You get what you pay for. Good line is fairly expensive but in my mind is well worth the expense.
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Are the chairs for up in the stand also - LOL !!!
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Originally Posted by Sheridan
Are the chairs for up in the stand also - LOL !!!
LOL nope but I have line from several years back that I would not be afraid to use today. I wouldn't say that about that cheap diamond braided nylon twist crap.
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I found this,

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Those safety lines are made from climbing role not general purpose rope... When we looked into making out own you can't hardly but the two role sizes in a good climbing role for less than the 20bucks it cost to buy them already made.
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I bought mine already made and the rope is bigger than 3/8 probably 1/2". I think it was around 20 bucks. It isn't regular rope and looks like something rock climbers would use. It is easy to move up and down the tree as I use my climber. If what you are talking about is the long line going from the stand to the ground for use in a lock on stand with climbing sticks or a ladder stand then I would use a high quality 3/8" rope and tether myself with a prussic knot linked to my HSS vest. Years ago all I used were the dual black strangle straps that came with the lock on stands. The various safety vests along with the lineman's belt accessory make placing stands much easier and safer.
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