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Food plot help

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Default Food plot help

I was wondering if someone could give me some tips on a food plot. I am fixing to start putting out corn near my game camera and want to also do a plot. I've read about peas and clover. Any other suggestions? When should I plant and how often to replant? Thanks for any help. Hunting in Alabama
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If you go to the food plot section and read the many post there you will learn a lot.


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maybe taboo to post this, but here is a site that will offer you all the advice and help you can ever want


best suggestion for ANY food plot I can say is, DO a soil test , and then THINK about when you want your plot to be in the best stage to be hunt-able
as early season, mid , late season, are all different times of yr and different crops have better attractiveness at different times of yr
there is NO ONE seed does it all BEST
its always better to do one small plot RIGHT than half a$$ a larger plot by NOT getting soil condition right!
I've been one of the very first Whitetail Institutes testers since they started selling seeds, so I have a LOT of yrs planting plots.
in todays modern plotter's age, there is a TON of GOOD accurate info out there and a BUNCH of marketing hype
FACTS always win, so read up before buying aything
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Food plots are awesome, however if you put corn out in a gravel pit, or a swamp, the deer will find it and chow down. I prefer White Dutch Clover, and Turnips in my food plots. We can't bait corn here anymore due to the fact that the deer farms are letting there CWD deer escape
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40+ years planting food plots in southern Al. As advised soil test a must, but if you do not plan to follow it, don't waste you time or money. I suggest you keep the plot(s) long and relatively narrow where adequate sunshine is available. Most of the ones the group I hunt with are about 1 acre, ranging from about 2.5 acres to .50 acre.

Long story short - After trying about everything out there here are the warm weather and cold weather crops that have worked the best for us.

Warm - Perennial clovers good for this zone, Sunn Hemp, RR corn, Quail Haven (planted with the Sunn Hemp to give it a bit of a chance to get going).

Cool/Cold - Tri-Mix (Grain Rye, Wheat, Forage Oats) mixed with Austrian Winter Pea and purple top turnips. We put about 1.5# of turnip per acre. Deer really hit this crop once the frost hits and the roots sugar up.

We use a planter that has multiple hoppers and can manage multiple planting depths in one pass. If you do not have access to such a machine, you can over seed the turnips and roll in with a simple cultipacker. We plant about 36 acres total. Of this about 12 stays in perennial clover. We plant about 10 acres of Sunn Hemp each year. I cannot say enough good about this crop. Deer lover it. It is very nutritious. Research this crop and I think you will be impressed. Only down side is at first frost , it is a goner!

We do not put out corn due to concerns about issues with toxic fungus.
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