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Default Broadheads?

New to bow hunting, and I need broadheads. Many different opinions on broadheads. Whats a good broadhead for whitetail?
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What is your rig? Arrows, Bow (compound or Traditional), weight of the practice points you are currently using for practice?
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Ive killed them with Magnus, Muzzy, Thunderhead, Stingers, Snuffers, and Slick Tricks. My personal choice right now is Slick Tricks. They do an excellent job and are a strong quality fixed blade head. They fly extremely well out of a properly tuned bow.

You can probably kill a deer with about any broadhead as long as its sharp and your shot placement is good. That said, I like to up my odds by using a quality fixed head vs. a mechanical. Too many things can potentially go wrong when bowhunting, I don't want my broadhead to be one of them, especially if my shot is not exactly where I want it. That is when you get in trouble with mechanicals.

People will argue to death over what broadhead to use. It comes down to personal preference really. Fixed heads can fly just as well out of a well tuned bow as field points. Anyone saying they can't has never shot a well tuned bow.

My suggestion is get a good quality head (fixed or mech), and much more importantly make sure your bow is tuned properly. A mechanical head used as a band-aid for a poorly tuned bow will stack the odds against you.
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Pretty good advice IMO. I am not a fan of mechanical broadheads.
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Your going to get thousands of different answers. I use the 100 grain 4 blade wac em. They are fixed. I like them so far. I made a pretty bad shot on the deer I got earlier in the year. I hit near the rib and went out near the ham. I'm not sure what I hit but he only went 50 yards. Customer service is fantastic. The pack I got didn't have enough blades, I got an immediate email back and they sent an entire replacement blade pack. Give them a try.
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"Many different opinions" is an understatement HJere's one more .... keep it simple ... test to see if the broadhead flies well .... 125 gr. .... a reputable 3 - blade is a great place to start ... mechanicals are not necessary. Consistent straight flight and excellent penetration are the keys. Specific recommendations ..... NAP Thunderhead, Muzzy 3 blade, Montec G-5 3-blade. I have used all three and these have been excellent.
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I know a lot of the traditional guys don't want to try them, but my wife, my neighbor, and I had great success with FAA's toxic broadheads, on both bow and crossbow. Accuracy's been great, 3 of the 4 deer fell in less than 80 yards with lung shots this year, and left great trails. Based on our experience, we're sticking with them.
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Rage is all the Rage right now.
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Not knowing your setup makes it hard to really give ya much help. If your shooting low poundage I'd go with a good cut on contact type head and avoid mechanicals. If your drawing back say 60lb plus you can start expanding your options and mechanicals. I have taken deer with both and at the moment are using Xecutioners the fly great I just don't like the orings. I have used rage in the past and they fly great also and if they have the cup blade retention system it is much better that the old orings. The only problem I've had is once I shoot a deer with them the body of the head is ruined, when the blade slap back its denting the where the blades sit and then the retention cup will not properly fit. There might not be a problem with the titainium version but I have not tried them.

With fixed you have many options (slick trick, muzzy, Thunderheads) just to name a few. And like what was previously said ALL will kill a deer, less things to go wrong with the fixed heads but your bow needs to be properly tuned as do your arrows and the mechanicals fly better out of the really fast bows on the market. (less planing)
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Originally Posted by maytom View Post
Rage is all the Rage right now.
Some people give me crap for using Rage Hypodermics, but it has dropped two deer this year within about 30 yds of where they were shot. One was a buck that was almost 300 lbs and a good sized doe. Just like finding the right bullet.....it is all about shot placement. You tear up the lungs or cut the heart, it doesn't matter what you are shooting. Any mechanical broadheads have the chance of malfunction, but I have yet to have one fail.
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