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Flashlight for tracking.

Old 09-14-2015, 01:22 PM
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Default Flashlight for tracking.

The last few years I have been using LED lights for blood trailing. I find that I don't see small amounts of blood that others pick up. I started to test my LED's and found that they "wash out" the red color of the blood. Any suggestions for the right light to use?
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This site has the latest in night hunting, etc.......................


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Ive always used a coleman lantern.
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I heard that coleman lanterns with foil around the back half of it so that the light shoots straight out is the best, trying that this season
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My answer ... tracking dog. Short of having a good tracking dog ... I have tried one of those so called "tracking" flash lights ... yellowish lense. Did not live up to the hype. And for sure the bright, bluish light of the LED units does not highlight the blood all that well.

For me, the old type Coleman liquid fuel lanterns did the best. I am guessing it has something to do with the spectrum of the light. I had a "flounder" reflector mounted on mine. This reflector was essentially a highly polished metal reflector that was mounted onto the Coleman lantern. I am talkng about the older style , liquid fuel, double mantle lantern. I am not even sure these are made any longer.

To me, the problems with the lantern were the bulk and the fire hazard. I don't use mine for tracking these days.

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I second the Coleman double mantel lantern. We would hook the bail under our for arm and hold the bottoms rim at an angle. Works great, Ya a little heavy but for night use and with a friend or two to divide the job up it isn't all that bad.
Yes you can still buy them new today with a up date a while ago so you can use either Coleman white gas or plain old 87 octane unleaded.


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Never even thought about using a lantern to track. Will have to try that this season. Does it have to be a liquid fuel type or would a battery operated one work just as well?
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Have to admit, I used a Coleman lamp one night to track a deer that I shot in the last three minutes of shooting time. Went 200 yards with a double lung cut from the arrow, waited a full hour before starting. Started with the flashlight to track and the lantern was back up to watch for bears. Didn't take long before I noticed I could make out the blood better with the propane lantern. Since then, now a Coleman propane lantern is my go to light to track end of the day shot deer which I got to track in the dark. I drop ply's of toilet paper along the blood trail to help track it's path and for help to get me back out. Bring a flashlight when you want to look farther out, and as back up. Stuf happens when having fun in the dark.
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The light from bulbs be they LED or the old style is different light than from a gas lantern.

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Pick up neutral white led light. Many led lights have a cool white light that washes out colors. A neutral white works much better for blood tracking.
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