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Senior Hunter's

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Default Senior Hunter's

Realizing your approaching senior hunting stadus.
But you still love to make that trip up to the Adirondack s
For the N.Z. big game season.
But you know you can't make that 400 yd. Drag with a 170 lb.buck
Back to the truck/camp.and your by your self.
Your old hunting buddy just can't make the trip any more
Or has passed away.
What would you due, any senior s out there with any
Pointers . Or tips.
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For hunting alone I found a farm where the farmer has a front loader tractor. He dumps the deer in the car's trunk for me!
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buy a Kawasaki terry-x, I do not drag deer anymore
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Where I hunt in northern MI I can't get to where I hunt other than by foot and the cart I have isn't good in 95% of the area because of several hundred yards of swamp to get through where a cart won't go. I started in my early 60s quartering/boning them them out and backpacking them out just like we do deer and elk out in Wyoming and I'm still doing that at 67. If you have physical disabilities that prevent you from doing that, I guess you either need to find a younger hunting buddy that can help you or hunt where you can access a deer with a quad like RR mentioned. I'm not a quad guy myself, have never had or needed one, and hope I never do. They can be real handy though if used responsibly.

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Theirs the wheeled deer carts. Like this one.
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Define "senior".......
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I'm 59 and hunt the Uwharrie Mountains here in the Piedmont of North Carolina, have since the mid-80s...

I hunt alone and I don't drag deer...I punch the tag, call them in with my cell...I then use a rachet pulley and get them hung in a tree...To do this, I have to gut them, pull them to a good tree, I like to find 2 trees about 6 feet apart...I either screw in an eye bolt or tie a rope around the tree about 7 feet up...I then pull the deer up with the rachet pulley...Once I can't pull anymore, I tie the rope to another tree with the rope about 3 feet off the ground...Then by walking up the rope I can pull the deer the rest of the way up...

I then bone it out, put the meat in garbage bags, cut the antlers off with a small saw and come out with it...

Here is one I killed a couple of years back...

Here he is hung, ready to skin...

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I am 64, hunt where I want and use a deer cart to get my deer out. If I can not get it out I have friends that will come help me.
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Thanks for the replys. Down home I use a quad.
But up in the Adirondacks mtns. Its for ever wild
And that means no motorized vehicles aloud.
All most 20 yrs.ago when I used to hunt up north
I built a buck cart. And took my gear back in with
That. They work pretty good but you need some kind
Of trail to follow.
I have been looking at the folding meat/ bone cutting
Saws. I think that is going to be my only way to pack
One out.
Me and my uncle hunted up north for many yrs. But that
Trip is out for him now at 87 yrs Young. he can still
Get around pretty good. He still can get on his old oliver 550
Tractor and brush hog a field. God bless um.
I haven't hunted up north in many yrs. I went up last
Yr. As a test on my own. And now I have the bug.again
I just want to be set up for hunting alone in the mtns.
Sorry for this long post. Thanks again.
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Nchawkeye. Senior is when your not over the hill yet
But you have one h-ll of view from were your standing
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