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EHD would you hunt

Old 12-04-2014, 06:03 AM
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We have been fighting EHD for two years and the state DNR finally reduced antlerless quotas.. I know a lot of guys here that have bought doe tags just to keep others from killing the does. I am still hunting but will only take one buck and one does this year.
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Originally Posted by iayotehunter View Post
two I am still hunting but will only take one buck and one does this year.
And that is the way I feel if you are still going to hunt you need to self-regulate...
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What kind of physical signs if there are any from this disease?
Are they safe to eat ?
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Originally Posted by White Oak 06 View Post
What kind of physical signs if there are any from this disease?
Are they safe to eat ?
Any deer that contracts EHD usually dies within a very short time and it's usually before any season opens, unless it's a very early archery hunt. Normally the carcasses of ones that get it are found right along and even in water.
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usualy occurs around green-up in the spring, when the midges that carry it hatch out, if its going to kill them it will in a couple days, if the deer are in good shape coming out of winter they will survive it, look for split hooves and open sores on the tongue. its not been known to affect humans, its safe to eat, just cook it done or at least to 160 degrees.
It happens about every year to some extent, bad years are very bad, have saw hundreds of carcasses rotting in the woods. we had it very bad about 15 years ago, but in 3 years the population was back where it was prior.
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EHD did hit hard here in Missouri two years ago. It continued last year, but not as bad. The area of the state that my 80 is in was hit the hardest. My neighbor down the road found 90 dead deer. Another neighbor found 60. We did hunt last year and the year before, but let all the does walk, as we did this year. We started to see a recovery this year. Saw more deer this year than the last two years combined. We hunted 4 days, and called it quits. Had other obligations and work. Haven't been back out yet, but hope to take the flinter out during the ML season. Will be hunting bucks only again.
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