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Why bolt action ?

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Originally Posted by Father Forkhorn View Post
My philosophy is if you can get a second shot in, take it. Normally, there isn't the opportunity as they run into cover, but it is something I look for.

I did see something once that I found interesting: one of the outdoor writers compared the results of a bolt and a lever gun--aimed shot and then quick several follow ups. It was timed.

The bolt was something like four hits in a 4' circle, the lever like 7-8 hits in a pie plate. He pointed out that all of the shots with the lever would have been fatal and none would have been a hit in the stomach.

His point was that if you were in similar distances, that quick follow up ability of the lever action might be handy.

The first shot counts everytime. If the second shot was a deciding factor, it would be due to luck of hitting a moving target you missed or making up for bad shot placement from the first shot. Either way I would be upset and revert back to making the first shot count.

Use what the heck you want, just know your limitations. P.S. Caliber, recoil, and the sights used can be as important as action type in regards to shooting speed.

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Default There are several reasons

Some states would have too many hunters firing semi-automatic weapons.
The idea is to hunt and not to wipe out a deer herd with the most efficient weapon. Many GI's returned from WWII after using a semi-automatic rifle, the M1, and then used a bolt action or lever action in hunting. HUNTING IS NOT WAR. It doesn't have the same objectives.

Plus the size of the country has expanded rapidly. Some older Americans remember when there were half as many in the country, as there are now. Many will see less use of semi-automatic rifles, in states that do not have them. It will result in using semi-automatics for hunting, less than more often.
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Originally Posted by d80hunter View Post
The first shot counts everytime......
The second shot, if necessary, should preferably be the mercy shot.
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I started out with bolt actions in the 1950's and they worked well.

In the 60's I found a Savage 99F in .358 Win. and that became my primary big game rifle. I had a fine High Wall for chucks and I got one of the first Ruger #1 single shots when they came out.

I was shooting single shot bolt rifles in centerfire and .22 competition.

Now I am primarily shooting a few well made custom bolt rifles. I shoot often at the range in good weather.

This 30-06 mauser actioned custom has a full length octagon barrel and a well crafted stock.

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Because who needs two shots? Especially two shots faster than what a bolt can load?
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I have several bolt action rifles that I use for deer and elk hunting. I like their accuracy, dependability, strength of action and the ability to hold 1 in the chamber and 3 or 4 in the magazine, which is important to hunters. I won't comment on semi-auto or pump rifles as I've never owned one although, I have shot a couple of different makes. I will say that one of my other favorite rifles is a single shot Ruger #1. A family friend and former Montana elk guide also liked Ruger single shots. He said they bring out the best in a hunter while giving elk more of a "sporting" chance.
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