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Talking Odd.

Since I retired I walked my dog/s 2 times a day in the woods and vacant field next door. since that time I have also talked to the deer, Hi Momma were just passing thru the dogs won't hurt you and such things. Saturday morning walking the pup we stop cause the pup wants to smell a hollow chunk of wood I left a few years ago. I hear a noise behind us so turn and here is a raggedy looking doe about the size that would make her last years fawn just 20 feet away. I start talking to her and telling the pup whoa in the same breath. I get the pup going again and that little doe follows us till the got to the creek and crossed on the log. Saturday evening we again go on our walk, cross the creek to get in the main woods on the bridge. As soon as we are across this little raggedy doe is back standing about 10 feet away. this time she fallows us and wades the creek when we cross the log in the back. She stays 10 to 20 feet behind us the whole 45 minute's we walk. Once we get to the pond where we make the turn for home she stays behind.
Sunday Morning she meets us again after we cross the bridge and walks with us the whole route. Sunday night she was absent but I was an hour later than usual. this morning On our 7:00 AM quickie walk she is again waiting on us but just outside the kennel door. Again she walks with us and even takes a short cut to meet us on the next path. I told the pup we could name her raggedy but soon as she sheds she will be a beautiful reddish brown.

I just find it odd this deer following us and listening to me talk to her and the pup.

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Interesting behavior.
But not so strange when you consider that deer are highly social animals and curious by nature. I'd bet that the presence of the non threatening pup sparked her curiosity.
Hopefully this deer's comfort with people doesn't end badly for her.
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Enjoy the moment and retirement. I guess animals can be curious at times just like us.
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Interesting thing I learned Sunday. Deer can become used to a person like me walking the dog(s) in the woods twice a day and talking to them. They know the difference when some one else walks the dog in the woods and the difference in their voices.
they also seem some how to know when your hunting and when your not.

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Nature is fantastic
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Originally Posted by alleyyooper View Post
......they also seem some how to know when your hunting and when your not.

Isn't that the truth.
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I would agree with that, see deer all the time outside of hunting season and they don't seem skid dish as soon as season opens they bolt. As the season goes I see tons of turkey's and squirrels but once deer season is over and I enter the woods for squirrels the deer and turkey's show up. Then in spring no turkeys but find deer and squirrels. Think they have iPhones are something.
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My father in laws ranch has a doe that has been around for a few years. We went tubing two summers ago and she walked down the river with us for a while. SHell disappear for a while, and then show up again, hopefully the image works.
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As neat as it is to see deer and other animals up close, I would be a bit cautious. Once they lose their fear of humans they can get pretty feisty! With black bears, the one bear you don't want to fool with is one that has been fed by people. And I have seen videos of "tame" deer getting up on their hind legs and burying a hoof into a guys chest.
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I have seen older deer walk over (In the mountains) and get close to kidds to get a better look. I guess they never saw small kidds before.
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