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Map making

Old 12-30-2013, 05:41 AM
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Default Map making

I am trying to find a way to make a map of our property. I'd like it to show our property lines, tree stands, blind locations, food plots, and maybe even trail cameras. I can save the coordinates of the stands in my GPS, so that part is figured out. Not sure how i'd include the property lines. I would prefer it to be as an aerial view like on google maps, so it can show the trees/cover. I'd also like to be able to print the map off as use it as a reference. Any help would be appreciated.
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Go to Google Earth and right to your property with the overhead view and you can see all the landscape, any buildings, etc. You'll have to read how to mark all your spots, draw lines to designate your property boundaries, etc. and you should be able to make and save/print when you're done. I can hone right in on my property up near Kalkaska and you can see all the buildings, roads, etc. You can do the same to see your house.
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Use Google Earth and zoom in on your property. Then capture it on a screen shot and cut and paste it to power point. Power point will allow you to lay out lines for the property boundaries and you can use just about any icon you want to label the rest the stuff.

There is also a program called Falcon View that the military uses. It is an unclassified program that you can lay out lat/long or military grid system. Like power point it will allow you to lay out lines for the boundaries and it also has a lot of icons to use for other items. Once you build you "map" it can be saved or downloaded onto just about anything you want.
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Great info
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I'll have to check out Falcon View... If you can get what you want from a free program that's the way to go. If Falcon View doesn't offer what yer looking for you can check out this program.

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Look to see if your county planning department has an online parcel service. It will provide you with a satellite view and can be layered to show creeks, roads and property lines.
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I'll answer the OP's question in reverse.

1. To get a custom print of an aerial, topo or combination of both, go to MyTopo. They are often mentioned in threads when someone asks about getting a printed map.

To get your stand locations, property lines, etc on that map you need to put that data into a GPX file and then upload that GPX file to MyTopo.

To get your property lines to appear the way you want on the print the coordinates for your corners have to be a "route" in the GPX file and not waypoints.

If you need help getting approximate coordinates for your property corners, check out http://www.propertylinemaps.com/
Full disclosure time: I am the owner and developer of this service.

Within the next couple of weeks I'll be talking to my contact at MyTopo about how their service of making custom prints and my service of producing online property line maps and GPX files can better work together.

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That sounds pretty cool Jelf and I hope you can work things out with them. Good luck!
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[quote=Patrick Eubanks;4112510]Look to see if your county planning department has an online parcel service. It will provide you with a satellite view and can be layered to show creeks, roads and property lines.[/quote

I've done that, and it is fantastic.
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My county has a web site you can go on and its just like google earth but has everyone's property lines already drawn out with there name, address, amount of land they own, and current tax value. Maybe your county has something like that.. then you can just hit the print screen button on the keyboard then go to paint or wherever and make you a mark where your stands are.
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