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The Lap of Luxury

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Default The Lap of Luxury

Check out this elevated hunting blind that my Buddy built. It's in Southern Tennessee, on a 35-acre food plot. It has clover, sweet potatoes, rape, and corn.

The blind is 12-feet tall, 10ft x 10ft. It is carpeted, with heat, electricity, a recliner, and a urinal. My buddy has killed some nice deer from his "man cave."

Close-up of the blind

The food plot

Me, working real hard

Monster killed this year

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Nice Man Cave for sure!!!
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Beer tap? Massage table?
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Very cool.

Just don't call it hunting.
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Originally Posted by Bullcamp82834 View Post
Very cool.

Just don't call it hunting.
Why is that not considered hunting?

I have several shooting houses on my land that are insulated, dual pane window equipped, carpeted floors with office chairs and most even have stairs and porches on them for easy, safe entry.

In fact lastyear I built a new lodge/farmhouse on my property and purposefully laid it out to allow hunting from several upstairs windows during inclement weather or whenever someone just really didn't feel like suiting up and going out in the weather. I routinely have deer feeding on clover patches in the sides and backyard within bowrange of the house. I planted a 2acre cornplot 200yds away from my upstairs gameroom window. Sometimes I DO feel like hunting in my pjs, with a cup of coffee and a sausage biscuit sitting beside me while in a nice, comfortable chair with the tv remote sitting on the table beside me. But I'm STILL hunting, the deer will be just as dead after shooting them as if I were wearing camo and sitting in the shooting house 325yds away from the house on the otherend of the cornplot. I used to know a farm mgr that every year killed nice bucks from an old barn while sitting IN his pickup, backed up into the barn, with it running & the heat on, smoking a cig while Johnny Cash played on the radio! Would it really matter if he were sitting atop a haybale in the loft of that barn???

"It's not hunting"! That's so subjective and varies by region. Some states don't allow treestands to be used yet allow baiting! I personally think deer drives and using dogs aren't "as sporting" as waiting on them, but I WOULDN'T refer to those guys as "not hunting" anymore than anyothers out there.

Hunting is kinda like work, I prefer to "hunt SMARTER, not necessarily HARDER" to achieve the goals.
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I was going to try to explain what I meant by my remark about it not being hunting but you did it better than I could have. I'll let your explanation stand as is.
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