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Scouting Tools

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Default Scouting Tools

It has become obvious to me based upon another thread I started that I need to spend a lot more time scouting this offseason. With that in mind, I'm wondering what tools others use in their scouting efforts. Besides a good pair of boots and aerial maps, what other things are you using to make your scouting easier and more productive? For example, are there any apps that are useful that organize scouting results, maps, etc (I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 - Android if that matters)? Any specific computer programs? Thanks in advance!
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I'm really looking forward to the answers to come in this thread. :bammer:
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It's hard to get specific, not knowing your area that you hunt but to me, nothing beats being in the woods and observation...

Take your .22 and go squirrel hunting, in the spring, go turkey hunting...They both like acorns along with deer and often they will lead you to the hot spots...Too many hunters simply sit in a tree waiting on a deer to wander by without knowing why they picked that spot...

A couple of years ago, I was turkey hunting on gamelands here in NC...I came across a major deer trail that was bare of leaves...I followed it, found my ambush point and returned during our muzzleloader season...Within 45 minutes, I killed a doe with my flintlock...I returned a week and a half later, which was the opening day of rifle season and killed an 8 point with my flinter as well...

I've hunted that spot 6 times this year and saw deer 4 times...
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The best "scouting tool" out there is a trail cam!
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Best scouting tool hands down, your feet and eyes. With my smart ass comment out of the way.
1. GPS
2. Google Earth or just Google Maps (either pre-search areas on home pc or use cell but reception may not be reliable in all areas thats why pre checking before going out is a good idea)
3. Compass
4. Binos
5. Water/ Snack
Thats it for me. Just get out their and look for sign. Look for old rub lines and currently used trails. Look for food sources, the preferred ones, nearly everything is food out their but they have preferences on first choice.

Things you can take but are not essential. But might come in handy.
1. trail cam
2. Machete and hand saw. Some times it is good to have on you if you find a really good spot you can clear paths while out then just trim up before season vs doing all the work when its hot.
3. Reflector Tacks, If you dont have a GPS or good signal sometimes good to be able to mark your trail.
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A fellow came here a week or 2 ago promoting an app called HuntStand. I have downloaded it to my Galaxy 3 and I like it. It uses Google Earth sat map, allows stand placement markers, trail intersect markers bedding markers, water etc. Also has wind zone and shows a red piece of pie where your scent will go for given conditions.

That is a new toy and seems pretty good

I run trail cams. I only have 4 right now, I leave 3 out year round and I keep 1 for emergency situation.

Get in the timber and learn where they move and live
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I bought an 8mp Bushnell camera and I'm pleased enough with it but next year I may step up to a model that has a field scan feature.
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For me nothing beats good boots and a machete. Get out there start walking trails. Look at the amount of fed that is around and possible bedding areas. Used this method before in the past and worked well. Now getting back into hunting same thing I am doing now. Found several bedding spots this year. Actually jumped several last Saturday, just didn't have a good shot.
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Get some aerial photos of the property your hunting. Walking around blindly is not the way. Its a great way to make sure you scare deer off the farm. Locate food sources for early season. Locate does mid season and bedding areas. Then late season hunt the thickest cover you can find. Just my thoughts and how I do it.
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Not really a scouting tool but I'm learning the best way to attract big bucks is hunting without buck tags,
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