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Hunting in the Snow

Old 12-05-2013, 06:08 PM
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Originally Posted by NEhomer
I don't really "get" still hunting by moving. I know it's more "slow" hunting but I still don't see how you can sneak up on a deer without it seeing you first...unless it's bedded down.
I think they are harder to see first when bedded down. That's when I've been busted the most while still hunting. I've snuck up within 15 yards of deer many times and been busted many times more. The key is to spot them from a distance and move in cautiously. It takes a LOT of patience, balance and endurance. You're looking for the flick of a tail or ear, etc. You're also looking for OTHER deer that will bust you because you've only been paying attention to the one you've seen.
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We're still getting a fair amount of Snow fall here in Missouri....my plans are to sit up in one of my ladder stands and do some Calling for a Coyote,hopefully I'll see 1 or call in a Bobcat or Fox since they are in-season now also!I know for sure that my Hunting Buddy will want to head out its evening on Public Land and Call in the Big Woods for Predators....will post if we get anything?

Gonna get out my Natural Gear Snow Camo and check my trail cameras out to see what Deer made it thru Rifle/Gun Season....as mentioned above with Snow You can see where the Deer travel the most,bed down and get a much better idea of where to hunt them!

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I headed out right after it stopped snowing this morning.

I spent most of the day looking for fresh tracks - - AND FOUND SOME!

Curiously enough, they weren't WAAAAY back in the nowhere; they were within 300 yards of my parking area.

And there were a LOT of them.

I spent the rest of the day hiking all over the area I hunt, and found nothing to compare to those sets of tracks.

So I know where I am going to be early tomorrow, in a gobbler lounger, on the ground (no good place for a tree stand in that area). And I have some coveralls... we're going to see.....the snow seems holds some promise as a scouting tool.
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Well I got out in the deep snow. Trudged through the snow in an area where deer will often winter over. Saw some tracks so I followed them in, slowly wading through the snow. It was thick, really thick, but I found a place to stand to the side with a little visibility. At about 3:15 or so a 6-pt or so buck walks by only 10 or 13 yds away! By the time I get my ML up it is behind cover. Silent as a ghost - of course with the 3 head coverings I had I could not hear much, and the wind was howling. Stayed out another hour or so, til I was nearly froze to death in the zero temps. Was a good hunt. In deep snow, follow the tracks, stake out, but not TOO close! And be ready. . . Oh well. And hunt the areas with heavy evergreen stands - they will catch and hold up to half the snow, and will provide insulating cover against the cold.
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