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Mid-day Hunting

Old 12-01-2013, 06:39 AM
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Default Mid-day Hunting

I've heard and read about a lot of guys that hunt during the day with a lot of success. My question is do you use the wind as a factor? Where I hunt deer generally move from S to N in the morning and N to S in the evening so I hunt accordingly. However sometimes that doesn't matter because I had deer cruising by me coming from down wind. What are your strategies? Thanks
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Well I my self try to stay out much as I can when I can if that's mid day so be it. I sat yesterday until about 1230 and seen deer at first light deer at 830 and deer at 11-12 over 50 deer. Now today I haven't seen a single deer. So I'm home. A lot of it is what I'm seeing if I'll stay or not. One thing for sure is we can't get one sitting at home well unless that's where u hunt lol. I hunt all day in the rut a lot u never know when he's gonna come by.
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My father taught me to hunt the whole day. An hour or two spent in camp or at home or at the diner is an hour or 2 that you're not hunting. I've killed deer during every part of the day from right at sunrise to right at sunset and all times in between. You may need to vary it up some due to wind or conditions.

I was never a sit in a stand kind of hunter anyways. I've done it but I prefer slipping through the woods and stalking up my deer. Hunting all day works well with this method.
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I don't worry about the wind as much during the Rut, because a buck can come from any direction, ANY TIME, in search of a doe. Not a monster, but check the time.
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All day sits are good for the soul but they're hard to get accustomed to. During the rut I'm sitting all day. I've taken several good bucks between 12:00-3:00PM. The evidence is so abundant that you cannot overlook it.
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I think its a slight case of unexpected or odd events getting peoples attention(but not completely unwarranted). You see 10 deer in the morning or evening and that is normal. You see 10 at noon and it stands out in your memory.

The trail camera picture is a good example. You probably have a 100 pictures of deer moving morning and evening for every one you have at noon.

Deer will move all hours of the day and night for various reasons and hunting mid day could certainly pay off but if I have 4 hours to hunt on a given day its going to be morning or evening.

I'm also the opposite of one of the other posters. If the herd moves through at 7AM I am less likely to hunt until 11 AM than I would be if I hadn't seen the deer move yet.
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The best time for a mid day sit is during the rut or during mild rain/snow. The wind seems to be less of a factor during these times as well. Over the past few seasons I've seen more bucks move during the middle of a rainy day or snow storm than any other time during those days. But wind almost always plays a role in the hunt so always try to plan accordingly but you should have a better chance during these conditions even with a bad wind because the buck is distracted by either the urge to breed or the in-climate weather.
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The only time I seen this particular buck Ive been hunting was on the 26th in the rain about 1pm. I've hunted him for the last 2 seasons and have sat out there around 25 days each season. I have hundreds of pictures of him and never a daylight picture.. to bad the one day he finally made a mistake he was out of crossbow range. 80 percent of the bucks ive taken during the rut have been between 9am and 2pm. Pre and Post rut I hunt food sources and see most activity from 3 30 to 5 30
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