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.243 hunters

Old 11-01-2013, 06:00 PM
Fork Horn
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Default .243 hunters

How many .243 hunters are out there??? I just sighted in my Remington semi auto, with 100gm ammo. Very mild recoil, very accurate. Spent 2 hours at the range. I'm excited.

My .30-06 will be passed down to the next generation.
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I have 2 and I love them both for the same reasons you mentioned.

The first is a Remington R25 243 (AR10 platform) and it serves as one of my favorite predator rifles. Being a 243 makes for a great deer rifle too.

I also have a Tikka lite hunter in 243. Very accurate for a factory rifle. Sub 1" groups with Nosler Trophy Grade Accubond 100 gr.
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I had a Remington 243 BDL for years and dropped many deer with it. When I first bought it many friends asked why not a 30-06. I have taken my largest deer to date with it a beautiful 9 pt that hangs on my wall. I had sold it a number of years ago to buy a Remington 270 MTN rifle because that BDL was just getting to heavy to carry all day with getting a little older ,but some days regret it. It is by far one of the best rounds I have shot deer with and give it a 10 scale rating in my opinion. Good Luck withit you will not regret it.
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Most every deer that my son and I have killed with a rifle has been with a .243. I've dropped several in their tracks.
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A quality 100 gr. bullet out of a 243 Win. is a very good deer load. This is what I load for my daughter's and grandson;s deer rifle.

Personaly I perfer a 30 cal. and am a big fan of both the 308 Win. and 300 Win. Mag.
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I had one and took a few deer and pronghorn with it. Maybe I'm just different but I wasn't too impressed with it. It worked but I felt undergunned. I went to a 6.5x55 Swedish and like it a lot better. Just going up a half a millimeter (234 is 6mm) allows me to go from a 100 gr bullet up to a 160 gr bullet.
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I have a wonderful little .243. Its a T/C Aristocrat I bought back in 1985 but it didn't see much use once I moved to Alaska. However, since we moved to the lower 48, it sees alot more action. Here in Virginia, besides my muzzleloader, it is all I use for deer. No deer has run more than 30 yards after being hit. The whitetails around here would have to grow the size of moose before I would move up to either my 7mag or 338 mag!
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I've been hunting whitetails with a 243 for about 4 years. It seems to kill them just as dead as my 30-30 and 30-06 did.
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Killed my first deer with a 243 @12. But will not let my daughter, be nice and nephew use it. Got a model seven 7mm08 for them. I feel much more comfortable with the 28 caliber 140 grain over the 24 caliber 100 grain bullet. With not much more noticeable recoil. I think the 243 is a fine varmit round, killed many ground hogs with mine and my dad's.
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I've been using a Ruger M-77 in .243 since 1980...Have killed well over 200 deer with it...Most were killed with 100gr CoreLokts...
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