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slugster ammo

Old 09-16-2013, 05:12 PM
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Default slugster ammo

Which ammo do you like for a mossberg 20 ga slugster? Mostly wooded area hunting here in new england.I like lightfield, but want a reliable backup as lightfields are hard to find. Thanks in advance.:
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i shoot lightfield hybrid exp out of my H&R 12 gauge, try using brenneke as backups
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Is that a rifled barrel?
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I once owned a Mossberg 500 with a 24" rifled barrel. My ammo was Remington Copper Solid sabot slugs. I was very impressed with the overall accuracy and stopping power of this weapon. The cost of ammo $15.00 for 5 slugs is on the expensive side.
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Old 09-17-2013, 02:18 PM
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I assume that your Mossberg is the rifled barrel version. There are a number of fine performing sabot slugs that are deadly including the two already mentioned. Try as many different ones as you can afford. The one that groups the best out of your set up is what you want to be using. Any other good grouper will do the trick as a so called "back up".

Don't go to a "rifled slug" as a back up. These are made specifically for a smooth bore. These can perform poorly from and heavily foul a rifled barrel.
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If your barrel is rifled try Remington accutips.they have grouped well in 3 different slug guns I have had and they flat drop a deer.
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3" Federal Barnes Expanders in 20ga. I have the Moss. Trophy Slugster with Canti.scope mount and thats all I shoot in it. 12ga I shoot Winch. Sabots. I have shot them all, just settled on these for they shot the best at 100yds and past. It did not like the Lightfields. my wifes 11-87 Premier with Rifled barrel will flip milk jugs all day at 150yds with Winch. Platnium Tips or Hornady SST's.

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Your having trouble finding Lightfield slugs? They are a dime a dozen here in NJ and also on-line. I have the same shotgun, I don't use it often but it shoots the Remington Accu-Tip 3" very well. I have friends that use the Lightfield EXP 2-3/4" in this shotgun/gauge with excellent results
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Assuming the gun has a rifled barrel, i have a 20 gauge Mossberg slug gun with the rifled barrel and the Remington accutips or Remington copper solids were great average group size. Every gun is different but those are 2 good rounds. Hornady makes some nice slugs but im just not a hornady fan except for certain rifle ammo. But try those or try the Winchesters. I cant remember the name right now, if i find an empty box or something ill let you know. It was a black box with gold writing i think. They shot great out the 12guage and just about the same out of the 20.
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