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What would you guys do ?

Old 08-26-2013, 04:12 AM
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Default What would you guys do ?

I work third shift and get off at 6:30 am when I do I smell like engine oil ! I want to hunt in the mornings as much as possible so these are my questions I don't have time to take a shower when I get to the woods it will be breaking light already so what are the best ways to rid this scent I will however take a shower scent proof before work not sure if that's counter productive ? Also what time do you guys enter the woods do you think I can get away with walking in at first light I usually like being there at least hour before light but can't so what would you guys do ?
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I do know one thing , you can"t catch any fish without your line in the water.
It may come down to will I ruin this stand with wind going the wrong way, Etc. It's a tough call.
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I get in by at least 5 probably 1hr to 1hr 30min prior to sunrise. Have also got a late start a few times and got in at about 8ish in the morning and taking my time was able to get to one of my spots and still see some deer moving to bed. Some deer dont bed down till later 9-10. If you think it may ruin your spot just go home take a nap and get out for a noon hunt. See more Does moving around from 1-3 then bucks but still have something to shoot at.

Also on the few occasions have gotten a late start will treat the way to my spot as a stop and stalk kinda situation. May take over an hour to get to my spot but also havent jumped many deer. Some guys blow it by trying to get to there spots too fast and jump deer without even knowing it.
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If you do go out, bring a bar of deer hunter's soap and wash face and hands as good as possible at work. Then, when you get to your place of hunting use scent killer wipes, change into hunting clothes, and then spray clothes with more scent killer. Hunt downwind from deer. This might be enough to keep the scent down as good as you normally would.
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Keep the wind in your FACE!
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I can "debate" both sides...Every year I camp for over a week on one of our farms and sometimes go a few days without a shower as I have to take them outside...I kill deer...

Or....If an area that you plan to hunt all season, take the time to take a shower and hunt your way in...I've killed plenty of nice bucks between 10-3 when others are at work...During the rut a buck can come by any time...They are on no schedule, just looking to get laid, remember how that can be for a single guy??? In addition, during the week of a full moon, deer move during the day anyway...

If you hunt the same area several times, and smell like engine oil, they are going to pick up on this and sightings will go down after a few hunts...

Good Luck!!!
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I never seen the point of getting to your stand an hr or more before first light. For what? You cant shoot until its light anyways and the deer you are going to see after light arent the ones you run away from your stand on the way in anyways so makes no sense at all. I sit maybe 20 to 30mins in the dark where I cant shoot. Like I said the old saying of I want the woods to calm down is bull to me bc the deer your gonna shoot 99% of the time is too far away to matter at that time anyways. How many times do you have deer around you in the dark only to have em walk off anyways before you can shoot em.....Lol....during the rut as previously said it makes no difference at all what time you get in and for the mornings in the early season they are a very distant runner up to the evenings as far as big buck sightings. I know you cant hunt the evenings but your not missing much in the mornings if you can hunt Sept like I can. Only issue is leaving the smell behind more so than having it on you. If your that concerned I'd honestly consider a 5 gallon container of water and no scent soap products and take a whore bath truck side before entering the woods. Would only take 5mins. Good luck.
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Some of us hunt public land that is at times pretty competitive so to ensure I get my spot I get in early. Also puts me in a position to receive deer getting pushed by other hunters who are arriving later at sunrise.

Don't want to make the advice sound like set in stone but our season here opens Sept 7. That early when still warm I have found more does in the afternoon and bucks moving more in the morning or evening. But rut yes they all move at nearly any time of the day.
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keep your hunting clothes in one of those space bags or a clean unscented trash bag sealed up so not external odors get to your clothes..you can also put some leaves from the area you hunt in with your clothes to help the scent...when you get to your spot use the scent control wipes on your exposed skin and change into your clothes outside your vehicle....then walk in to your stand...Id stick around till 10am at least...Good luck!
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When I was on 3rd shift I also got off at 6:30 I would save some personal time till early november when things where getting just right and then take off an hour early that way I had time to get cleaned up and change my clothes. I understand not everyone has that option but if you do it works pretty well.
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