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Let's talk PACKS (versatility needed!)

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Let's talk PACKS (versatility needed!)

Old 07-04-2013, 06:42 AM
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Default Let's talk PACKS (versatility needed!)

I vary my hunting technique greatly depending on conditions and mood. To add to that, I will be hunting archery this season for the first time. I also hunt in an area where it could be 30 degrees in the morning and 50-60 by midday (during early gun season; won't be as dramatic a swing during bow).

I still hunt. I spot and stalk. I hunt from natural ground blinds. I hunt from a climbing tree stand (unfortunately I don't feel comfortable leaving hang-ons on public land...that would make everything a TON easier!). And I usually go deep into public land.

It does not take a lot to get me sweating, so I generally need to pack heavy clothes in if they will be needed. This is especially troublesome when hauling a climber along. I don't tolerate cold well (I wish I could!!), so being completely still in even 40-degree weather, for me, requires some layers! But if I'm still hunting, I don't need much at all to keep warm. A lot of times I will still hunt and if I find a good area, will park in a decently concealed spot which requires that I put the layers back on.

So I need a pack that will enable me to carry my gear and clothing, and clothing is generally heavy and bulky. I want the pack to stay off my back as much as possible, especially when still hunting. It needs to be large enough to accommodate heavy clothing, but I want the pack to be LIGHTWEIGHT. I also need it to be USABLE when I am NOT carrying a lot of gear (for warmer days or days will I will be still hunting exclusively, etc). A camelback is probably a plus, too. Of course, durability and quality are needed.

I know that's a lot of info and I appreciate you wading through it!
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Old 07-04-2013, 09:12 AM
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These are two (2) of my favorites;


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Old 07-04-2013, 12:48 PM
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You wont find everything you need in a pack, especially if you are carrying a climber. Carrying all that gear gets cumbersome and you wont find a pack that is small enough to hold enough gear.

If Im not carrying my climber, I use this one:


With my climber, Im limited to what I can carry so I use a fanny pack:


The Badland packs are very nice but I refuse to pay that much for a backpack. I prefer my full pack because I like to carry a lot of gear (probably too much, but I like to be prepared). I found it almost impossible to carry my 30 lbs climber and my 20lb pack more than a mile without hating life and sweating to death. Whatever you get, make sure it had wide straps around you shoulders and a chest bucket helps even the load tremendously. I think I went through about 15-20 packs trying to find the ones that would work for me. You may have to do some trial and error also.

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Old 07-15-2013, 05:29 PM
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I also use a Badlands pack, very happy with this product so far. You get what you pay for.
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Old 07-19-2013, 03:39 AM
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Badlands super day pack is my choice. Yes you will pay more but lifetime warranty is worth it. Lifetime. Think about it.
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Old 07-19-2013, 07:48 AM
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Badlands rocks lifetime warranty is worth the extra money and they are light
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Old 07-20-2013, 12:55 AM
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I have been using a pack for years. I don't know what make, but it is about medium with no frame. I have certain things in there that are NEVER removed and as I use them I replace right away. It definitely saved me a lot of trouble over the years. I just found day packs too small and frame packs too large.
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