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Salt block or mineral block?

Old 02-06-2013, 05:19 AM
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Default Salt block or mineral block?

I am getting ready to put out some blocks for licking sites on my property because I know that the deer mainly use them in the early spring when they are in need of minerals and nutrients for summer growth. I was just curious what you all thought about salt and mineral blocks. Which one is a better product, overall for the deer? Which one provides the most essentials for the deers growth? Ive used both in the past, and both get quite a bit of traffic in the spring, just wanted to know which is better.
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I would prefer the mineral block, but if in doubt why not put out one (or more) of each, I have found that bear are very fond of the blocks as well. jmop Doc
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Mineral blocks are the best, but I'm with DocD and would also put out some salt blocks. Just make sure that come hunting season that they are all legal to have out or you'll have to pull them!
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Thanks. I was thinking the mineral blocks would probably be best.

They are legal in Kentucky. Besides, they will not be hunted over, only out for a little added deer nutrition.
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you already answered your own question. minerals are a better choice.
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Minerals, but read the label. You need to focus on calcium and phosphorus levels to boost production, beyond that micro-nutrients that typically need extra attention are zinc, copper, and selenium. They all contain salt. Make sure you use a mineral that provides what they need.
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The brown colored 50# blocks are called "trace mineral blocks" because the blocks are mostly salt with trace minerals. Check the label.

Use the brown trace mineral block instead of the white salt block.
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Here's what I use. Deer love it.

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You need to check out Monster Raxx Minerals. www.monsterraxx.com Low salt content, and the calcium , phosphorus, selenium, and other minerals needed to help keep your deer herd healthy and grow the bone. The deer are pounding the mineral sites, and I am getting thousands of pictures per week on each camera.

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Here's what I have done for years. It is relatively inexpensive, good for the deer, based generally upon recommendations of several ag universities here in the deep south. As already mentioned the deer will benefit from high content of both phosphates and calcium. I use a mineral often referred to as "Di-Cal". It is "dicalcium phosphate". Comes in 50# bags for about $20. I also use a high calcium mineral that is used to supplement dairy cattle often referred to as Hi Cal. It si about $15/50#. #Often times my supplier is out of this, so ... To these two I add "White Salt" (Na Cl). It is about $6/50#. All of this si bagged, not block. The mixing ratio I try to stay close to is 1 part NaCl to 2 parts Di-Cal and/or Hi Cal. The deer are naturally attracted to the Na Cl. They get the good stuff as they consume the mix.

I put about 100# - 200# of this at each lick area early spring and refurbish mid summer.
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