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Will browning cover this?

Old 12-24-2012, 10:54 AM
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Default Will browning cover this?

I won a browning maxus in a gun raffle in august. I have probably shot it 200 times this year. I was hunting this morning and around 9am I was just touching the barrel of my gun and noticed a lump. Right in the middle of the barrel there is a lump all the way around like a mushroom. It almost looks like an egg got stuck in my barrel. I shot it a couple more times and it still patterned fine and didn't seem any different. My question is will browning cover the cost of a new barrel? Not exactly a great way to start out christmas eve finding out you have to buy a 400$ barrel. Could I still use it like this or will it probably blow up in my face eventually? Ill try to get a photo of it but its not really that big so its hard to see.
p.s. I was using 3 inch Blackcloud 2 shot. and i posted here because i think i will get a lot more feed back then from the waterfowl section because it seems like theres 10x the people on the whitetail section
Thanks guys, happy holidays
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I'd call Browning to either have them look at it or have them tell you where to take it for a thorough examination. Even if it's safe to use, I would be asking for a free replacement barrel just from the aesthetic viewpoint alone. In the meantime, I would not shoot it any more because if the barrel is defective, and it sure sounds like it from your description, it may completely rupture causing bad things to anyone holding or near it. Is there any chance you had a mud obstruction in the barrel to have caused high pressure creating the bulge or put a longer shell in it than the chamber is designed for (3 1/2" shell by mistake thinking it's a 3" for example)? Those are probably the 2 main things that would cause a rupture or bulge. What else are you running through it and what choke is it?

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Only shot black cloud through it, was takin them right out of the box so I couldn't of mixed up shells. I doubt I got mud in it because I never take the gun put of the blind when I get ducks or move decoys so all I can think is it was defective, Brownings closed till Wednesday but I will call them first chance I get

Modified invector plus choke ( came with gun$

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I agree 100% with Topgun. And yes, they should absolutely make good on that situation!

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Definitely a bulged barrel. Don't shoot it, Browning should cover it.
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Browning is good to deal with. I had a 300 that the stock split on and called them, and they had me send it to them. They sent me a new stock, and I had to pay the shipping, which I didn't mind, and the rifle was 30+ years old.
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By all means contact Browning about it, and DO NOT SHOOT IT. It could burst the barrel if it is a weak spot and cause serious injury or worse, death.
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Old 12-29-2012, 11:19 AM
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DON'T SHOOT THAT GUN. Call browning as soon as you can they should replace it but you may have to pay out some money if they dont
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