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Management bucks?

Old 12-01-2012, 10:39 PM
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Default Management bucks?

Let's assume you have 3 bucks, all 1.5yo

all the same size essentially, width, mass etc...

1 is a 8pt,
1 is a 9pt,
1 is a 10pt,

Do you think the 10pt will be the biggest next year and down the road, ie better genetics?

or at this age do you think you can't tell genetics for better or worse, could just be the 10pt got bred 1st cycle, and the 8pt 2nd cycle, etc... and/or just 1 buck ate better in that time too?

if this is the case, when can you start seeing poor genetics? 2.5yo? 3.5yo? 4.5yo?
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Old 12-02-2012, 02:49 AM
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ALL 1.5yr olds should be protected, including spikes! You just cant tell with their first rack. Most 1.5 spikes are nutrition induced vs genes. Now your 8& up pointers are REALLY what you want to protect!!! Hope those guys make 3-4 more seasons & WALLA thats what mgmt is all about.

3.5 is where you begin to get an idea of what kind of potential a buck is going to have at 4-6yrs. You just simply CANT tell at 1.5-2.5yrs. I've seen 2yr old spikes & 4ptrs become dandies when they reach 3-4yrs. Environment & nutrition plays a very variable part that can change year to year.

Much of the country has had a drought this year. If we have a harsh late winter, that will REALLY impact nextyears bucks.
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